This Steakhouse Has The Best Steak According To 24% Of People

Depending on where you live, you may have plenty of options for dining out, from upscale eateries to fast food joints. While there's something — or rather, somewhere — for almost every taste or occasion, when you're craving a hearty meat and potatoes meal, there's one restaurant that never disappoints: a steakhouse. You can opt for a more casual spot, like Outback or Texas Roadhouse, or splurge on something a little fancier, like Ruth's Chris or The Capital Grille. No matter where you go, you'll have your choice of cut, temperature, and sides, from creamy mashed potatoes to crispy green beans.

To find out which steakhouse is the best of the best, Mashed polled nearly 590 U.S.-based eaters on their favorite spot for steak, be it a juicy filet, a pricey porterhouse, or a classic ribeye. While the results were neck and neck, there was one national steakhouse chain that rose above the rest. Here's where almost a quarter of diners prefer to go when they're in the mood for meat.

Nearly 25% of people prefer Texas Roadhouse

According to Mashed's survey results, which offered seven options to choose from, Texas Roadhouse is the restaurant with the best steak, with 24.24% of people dubbing it their number-one pick. Since it first opened in 1993 (per the official website), the national chain has grown to nearly 600 locations across the country and is as famous for its steak as its fresh-baked rolls served with honey cinnamon butter. One of the biggest perks of eating here? You get to choose the exact cut of meat you want prepared from the butcher's case before heading to your table.

You can also start your meal off right with one of the restaurant's tasty appetizers such as Rattlesnake Bites made from fried jalapeños and cheese (as noted on the website). Then check out the popular options on the steak menu, which might include the Ft. Worth Ribeye and Dallas Filet, each served with your choice of two sides; the Filet Medallions with peppercorn sauce and rice; or the Steak Kabobs entrée, including marinated steak, sliced vegetables, rice, and a side.

Second and third place: Ruth's Chris and Outback

How did the other popular steak-serving restaurants stack up in the survey? Second place went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, with 22.37% of the vote. It's no surprise the restaurant is so well-liked, as Ruth's Chris prides itself on serving food that only its founder, Ruth Fertel, would approve of. That means all steaks are made from quality, USDA Prime beef and are famously served on a 500-degree plate to ensure your meal is warm until you're completely finished. In addition to regular menu items, Ruth's Chris also features specialty cuts including a 40-ounce Tomahawk Ribeye big enough to be enjoyed by two people (per the official website).

Outback Steakhouse drew in 17.8% of the vote, placing it in third place in the survey. Here, you'd be remiss not to start with a Bloomin' Onion, perhaps the eatery's most popular appetizer served with its "spicy signature bloom sauce," but save room for the star of the show here: the steak, of course. Choose from an 18-ounce Bone-In Ribeye or maybe you're in the mood for the 22-ounce Melbourne Porterhouse. No matter what cut you end up selecting, you'll always have your choice of two sides to complement your steak, says the website.

The final contenders: Longhorn Steakhouse, Morton's, The Capital Grille, and Fleming's

Longhorn Steakhouse pulled in 14.92% of the vote thanks to its menu offering high-caliber cuts of quality steak. Flo's Filet and the Renegade Sirloin are topped with the restaurant's signature seasoning while the Fire-Grilled T-Bone, Ribeye, and New York Strip are cooked to perfection, exactly to your specifications to ensure you get it just how you like it. Want to cut back how much you're spending on your steak? Head to Longhorn for lunch, when the cuts are a bit less pricey, according to the website.

Morton's came in fifth place in the survey, snagging just 9.83% of the vote, despite claiming broadly on its website's homepage to have "the best steak anywhere." The Morton's chain started with a perfectly prepared hamburger, however, today the eatery grills up all the classic steaks you've come to know and love from classic steakhouses, from New York Strip to a Bone-In Ribeye to Filet Mignon, all cut from USDA Prime-Aged beef.

In the penultimate place in the survey is The Capital Grille, which received 5.93% of the vote, despite the restaurant's elegant décor and fine dining atmosphere. And, in very last place, we find Fleming's, which only 4.92% of people chose as their top choice of steakhouse, even with its offerings of different types of signature butters and a featured wine and cocktail list.