Coffee Fans Are Seriously Impressed By This Barista's Spooky Creation

There's a spooky, new latte art design that Redditors are losing their minds over, and it's bound to set off a flurry of requests at coffee shops this Halloween season! The adorable jack-o-lantern design with a crooked grin and twisted stem comes courtesy of a barista on Reddit with the username u/CoffeeDerp. (We seriously LOVE that handle!) Though this coffee professional has shared other pieces of foam art on Reddit, including swans, flowers, and dogs, with 921 upvotes in the last week this pumpkin cutie blew the other designs out of the water.

Redditors quickly responded to this pumpkin latte post with plenty of exclamation points, pumpkin emojis, and all-caps comments like, "WOW!!" and "This is awesome!" User u/Snuffyy0011 claimed the pumpkin bears an uncanny likeness to a character in the quirky Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe" and user u/Ysto insisted that the art is perfect for a pumpkin spice latte. The rest of the comments, however, all had the same question for this talented barista: How do we make this latte foam pumpkin at home? Lucky for them and for the rest of us, u/CoffeeDerp made a tutorial.

This Redditor swears this latte art is easy to do

Fans of this jack-o-lantern latte art on Reddit got their wish, because u/CoffeeDerp shared a video the very next day on how to recreate this foam pumpkin at home. In their original post with the foam art, the Redditor shared that pumpkins "are super easy to do," as long as you don't shake the foam and make the art using a coffee stirrer. Anyone who has given latte art a try at home, however, knows that it can feel quite the opposite of super easy! TheKitchn shares that for latte art to work, the milk needs to be micro-steamed, not just to make foam but to create a thicker, sweeter cream. The pour technique is important too, so that the foam stays behind to rest on top of the espresso. 

If you do have micro-steamed milk and you've been practicing your pour, then this pumpkin will be a fun one to try. U/CoffeeDerp shares the steps in their Reddit video, and it begins with foam poured to create a plump heart shape on the surface. A coffee stirrer dipped in the espresso gets pulled through the foam to create the curved ribs of a pumpkin. Then the triangle eyes and zigzag mouth are added in. The final touch is a bit of leftover foam on the end of the coffee stirrer to add a curved pumpkin stem. This Reddit barista certainly makes this Halloween treat look easy!