This Fast Food Logo Would Get You Killed Doing Squid Game's Dalgona Challenge

If you haven't seen "Squid Game" yet, you're truly missing out on one of the best shows to come to Netflix this year. The series has become a viral sensation with legions of fans that make memes, TikToks, deep dive videos, and conspiracy interpretations that connect the plot of the episodes to the real world. In the show, competitors in the game must complete a series of challenges based on childhood games to win a large sum of money. The catch? If they are eliminated in a challenge, they are killed!

One of the competitions in the game is the dalgona candy challenge, where the participants must carefully cut one of four shapes (an umbrella, a circle, a star, or a triangle) out of a honeycomb toffee candy without breaking it. Once American fans of the show realized it was based on a real Korean street food treat, the food challenge went viral (via The Sun). And as if the basic shapes and umbrella used on the show weren't difficult enough, a new analysis asked another question: How hard would it be to complete the challenge using logos from common brands? 

The Starbucks logo would get you killed

Over at Solo Press, the dalgona challenge was taken to the next level by imagining another layer of difficulty. Instead of the shapes used in the show, imagine you were given a dalgona candy with a common logo on it. What brand's symbol would be doable, and what logos would be impossible to complete? Hardcore fans have made it their mission to succeed at cutting shapes out of the candy. A "Squid Game" recipe to make the candy at home circulated, and there is even a set of cookie cutters in the same shapes used on the show to make the imprint necessary to begin the challenge (via Popsugar). 

The latest fad on TikTok shows people trying to complete the challenge in real life. However, the more common attempts at the game will pale in comparison to any attempt that tries to whittle the dalgona candy into the shape of the Starbucks logo (via Solo Press). The Starbucks logo was singled out in the analysis as "borderline impossible" to complete in the challenge due to its intricate design, and sure to get any competitor killed. Other logos, such as the McDonald's arches and Gucci's thin overlapping curves were identified as difficult, but still possible to complete. Apple's eponymous symbol was the easiest logo analyzed, and would be the safest choice in the "Squid Game."