Gordon Ramsay Is So Proud Of Daughter Tilly's Strictly Performance

"Subtle" might not be the first word that comes to mind when we think of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. So, when Ramsay takes the understated route to expressing himself, we feel compelled to take note. And that, of course, is precisely what happened over the weekend when the proud papa took to social media to express his joy over his 19-year-old daughter, Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay's foxtrot performance with her partner Nikita Kuzmin on "Strictly Come Dancing."

It wasn't the first time that we got to witness Gordon wax emotional over watching his daughter Tilly strut her stuff on the BBC's answer to ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." That was back in September when Tilly made her ballroom dance debut, and the world got to witness how Tilly's grace and preternatural poise reduced the cranky-as-a-default-setting cooking star to tears. But it does happen to be the first time since Tilly recently exercised that same grace and poise, albeit metaphorically, to patiently and respectfully educate a radio host 48 years her senior on the fact that it is never okay to offer unrequested commentary on her weight

And while Tilly did not specifically object to radioman Steve Allen's claim that "she can't blimming well dance" (via BBC), Tilly has now proven that Allen simply had no idea what he was talking about. To his credit, Gordon Ramsay is so proud of his daughter Tilly's performance that he couldn't be bothered to even address the Allen nonsense. 

Gordon Ramsay has much to be proud of with regard to his daughter Tilly

If you watched Tilly Ramsay's foxtrot with her "Strictly Come Dancing" partner, Nikita Kuzmin, then you likely have no doubt the "Kitchen Nightmare," himself, Gordon Ramsay, has every reason to "kvell" over his daughter's grace (via BBC). And kvell he did after watching her floaty, elegant, and all-too-short performance. "I felt like I was in a field of onions tonight," he confessed — an apparent acknowledgement that once again, Tilly's dancing had reduced "Chef Crankypants" to tears (via Twitter). "Amazing job Tills," the chef went on before asking his fans to upvote Tilly and Nikita's performance. 

Apparently, he was not alone in his sentiment. Tilly and Nikita's performance earned them a third place showing on Saturday night's "Strictly Come Dancing" scoreboard, with a solid 36 points.

But, impressive results aside, it's clear that Gordon's pride extends not only to his daughter Tilly's "Strictly Come Dancing" performance, but also to her impressive work ethic and mature, professional demeanor. Just a bit earlier that day, when Gordon posted his best wishes to the pair for their performance that evening, he took the opportunity to commend the pair's hard work and laser focus throughout their training (via Instagram). And the thing about a guy like Gordon, who's clearly not afraid to give voice to his opinions, is that when that opinion is unqualifiedly positive, there's virtually no doubt at all that he's being utterly sincere.