TikTok Is Obsessed With This Great British Bake Off Dance

Dance videos and food-related content might be some of the most popular and profitable content on TikTok (via Media Kix). Well, sometimes the two combine in a delicious fashion. Such was the case with a recent TikTok video by @sharoniskaren_, who posted a dance routine set to the theme song of the "Great British Bake Off" (or "Great British Baking Show" in the U.S.).

The clip, which includes the caption, "When that handshake hits different"  and tagging the baking show, has racked up more than 140,000 likes. In it, Yali and Timo can be seen performing a well-choreographed and synchronized dance routine that involved motions likely inspired by the popular baking competition, including a stirring motion and the ever-important finger taste. And fans cannot get enough. "Your dance was light, airy. Perfect timing on the proof. Well done," writes one commenter. "The emotions, the control. You encapsulated the love, the tragedy, and the hope that this show delivers," adds another. "Impeccable. Flawless bake," according to another fan.

Fans feel the dance deserves a Hollywood handshake

Fans of the show know how tough it can be to get a handshake from judge Paul Hollywood. When "Great British Bake Off" contestant Giuseppe Dell'Anno received one of those rare Hollywood handshakes this year, he was so overcome by emotion that he almost cried (via Bristol Live). So it was high praise indeed when a fan suggested that the dance routine deserved a Hollywood handshake, a sentiment shared by nearly 5,000 other fans. The show apparently agreed, as its official TikTok account replied in the comments to the video with, "We are honoured" along with a handshake emoji.

Several fans also suggested that the dance routine should be incorporated as part of the show: "This should be the int[r]o into the GBBO instead of the montage." And while dance routines have yet to make it into either the British or American version of the show, contestants have been known to dance in the Turkish version of the show, "Ver Firina" (via BuzzFeed). Who knows, star baker and dancer could be a new category for the show going forward!