Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To This Beef Wellington Cake Is Super Relatable

Chef Gordon Ramsay, the internet's king of cooking reaction videos, is back — only this time, he's a little bit conflicted about where he stands on a social media user's dish. That's right, the man who famously placed two pieces of bread on either side of a cook's face and made them refer to themselves as an "idiot sandwich" (via YouTube) has finally found himself unable to form a one-sided opinion on a follower's recipe. 

Cake artist and TikTok user Tigga Maccormack tagged Ramsay in her video of a cake that looked so much like beef Wellington, Ramsay seemed pretty unsure how to feel about the confection in the end. "This one's for you, Gordo," she says at the beginning of the TikTok before revealing her uncannily meat-like cake. Clearly, the chef felt compelled to respond, and his comments are hilarious as he experiences pretty much every emotion under the sun in a 45-second time frame, per his Instagram.

"What are you doing to my Wellington?"

It was pretty bold of Maccormack to make a sweet version of beef Wellington, which is arguably the dish Ramsay is most famous for. In the reaction video, Maccormack starts with a raspberry mud cake, which she cuts in the shape of a beef steak. She wraps the log in a flattened sheet of chocolate cookie dough, covering it completely to resemble the mushroom duxelles in the classic recipe. At this point, Ramsay is a bit indignant, yelling, "With a cake?! No, stop it." When she places the entire thing on a puff pastry sheet, he asks, "What are you doing to my Wellington?" 

Maccormack then begins to coat the puff pastry with egg wash, and we can't help but laugh as Ramsay gets closer and closer to his phone, asking, "What?" repeatedly in a tone that grows noticeably more concerned for the wellbeing of this sweet Welly. Despite numerous protestations, when Maccormack cuts the cake and reveals its highly convincing, beef-like interior, Gordon admits, "Oh, my lord. ... It actually looks quite delicious." In other words, what started off as an absolute roast from the master of insults turned out to be a victory for Maccormack, as getting a culinary compliment from Ramsay is no easy feat.