Here's How Many Ingredients Beat Bobby Flay Has In The Pantry

Any eager home cook who has ever binge-watched endless episodes of "Beat Bobby Flay" has likely envisioned exactly what they would do if given the opportunity to go head-to-head with the culinary giant. After all, though he's beaten many competitors, there are also a fair share of chefs who reigned supreme in their battle — why not you? You may have even carefully considered what you'd cook that might stand up to his expertly-crafted recipes — perhaps a signature dish, something super innovative, a classic executed to perfection, etc. However, have you ever thought about what exactly you'd have accessible right at your fingertips in the show's pantry? 

It turns out, a whole lot. You'll pretty much be limited solely by your imagination in this particular cooking competition. According to the show's culinary producer Danielle LaRosa, the kitchen set is fully stocked with a minimum of 200 items that Flay himself, as well as the contestants challenging him have access to (via E! News). This range of ingredients runs the gamut from 45 different types of fruits and vegetables, a selection that outshines many grocery stores, to 30 kinds of spices and a variety of dry pantry items from breads to vinegar and more. And that's just the non-refrigerated pantry — just wait until you hear what contestants can discover in the fridge.

The fridge contents and everything else a contestant might need

Once contestants have narrowed down which spices they need to execute their dish, added all the delicious fresh produce they want to their baskets, and selected a few staples that they'll require, it's time to hit the fridge for some perishables. Cheese lovers, rejoice — a selection of 20 different cheese and dairy items is available (via Food Network). If dried herbs simply won't do, contestants can access 12 different types of fresh herbs. And, of course, for all their protein needs, they'll have 12 different types of meats and seafood at their fingertips.

As any cook knows, ingredients are critical — but your equipment is perhaps just as important. In addition to all the food accessible in the pantry and fridge, contestants challenging the celebrity chef can find 100 different pieces of equipment available for them to use. From staples like cutting boards, pots and pans to small appliances like food processors and blenders, the set is fully stocked.