The Rest Of America Is Jealous Of This Kirkland Coffee Machine

For a lot of customers, a trip to Costco isn't complete without a stop at the food court. Though the menu isn't too large, there's a lot you can do with a few simple items and numerous food court hacks have proven just that. There's also a tip for upgrading Costco's hot dog. But it turns out, in some parts of the United States, there's more to the food court than the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo.

On the Costco subreddit, one user posted a photo of a self-serve coffee machine filled with Kirkland coffee with the caption, "Never seen this before at a Costco! The hazelnut latte was pretty good." Looking a little closer at the photo, the machine offers a house blend, espresso blend, and Colombian blend coffee just for $1. You can also purchase a café hazelnut, café mocha, café vanilla, or hot chocolate for $1.25.

Not surprisingly, fans of Costco were excited to see this and a little envious that their local Costco didn't have this Kirkland coffee machine. One commenter wrote, "COFFEE YES!!! Early morning, get in, get out person here. Have always wanted coffee from the food court but -no coffee. Would really like to have one of these in my Costco."

Where can you find this Kirkland coffee machine?

Wondering where you can find this coffee machine? If you haven't seen it at your local Costco, you're not alone. Based on the comments section of the Reddit post, it looks like this self-serve coffee machine is mostly in stores in the state of Washington. Commenters were giving out specific locations, and one person said that they had seen these machines in Costco stores in the Seattle area.

We would love to see this Kirkland coffee machine become a staple at all Costco locations, but there's still great coffee options in stores, though you'll need to make your drink at home. You can try these organic coffee beans, look around for a coffee advent calendar, and even buy your coffee maker at Costco. Although we wish we could sip on $1 coffee and pair it with Costco's bakery items, there's plenty of great deals for coffee lovers.