Reese's Potato Chip Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups Have Finally Arrived

REESE's is, yet again, leading the way in snack innovation — this time with a potato chip-filled peanut butter cup. After more than a year of rumors and hype, REESE'S new Big Cup with Potato Chips Peanut Butter Cup has finally arrived, with numerous sightings on social media, and a new product profile on the Hersheyland website.

News of the potato chip-stuffed Reese's broke in September 2020 on Instagram account junkfoodleaks_, whose review of the product got a lot of attention, receiving over two thousand likes and numerous comments. The Big Cup with Potato Chips was a hot topic on Twitter after the junkfoodleaks_ post ... before promptly falling back off the radar — eclipsed, in part, by the news surrounding REESE'S Big Cup with Pretzels Peanut Butter Cup, which was released in mid-September (via Twitter). Nonetheless, interest in the rumored potato chip REESE'S never fully disappeared, as evidenced by a tweet from May of this year: "@reeses @JunkBanter @BrandEating @theimpulsivebuy has everyone forgotten about the Reese's cups stuffed with potato chips that were supposed to be released earlier this year? Don't let Reese's get away with this travesty."

Recently, a post from verified account @NumbersMuncher raked in over 500 likes and found its way into a recent Food & Wine story, which announced the "launch" of REESE'S new potato chip peanut butter cup. While it doesn't appear that Hershey has publicized an official release date for the Big Cup with Potato Chips, food media and social media have all but confirmed its arrival.

REESE'S fans are loving the salty and sweet fusion

Early reviews for potato chip-stuffed REESE'S have been positive. On the Hersheyland website, the product holds an average rating of 4.6 out of five, based on 32 reviews. REESE'S fans on Twitter are enthusiastic about the new peanut butter cup, with @NumbersMuncher calling them "fantastic," and another Twitter reviewer, @journ, praising the candy's "crunch...texture and mouth feel." Not all the feedback has been glowing, however. As noted by Food & Wine in its recent story, some customers aren't in love with the potato chip "crunch" of the new Big Cup. Meanwhile, on Twitter, reviewers like @sacha19 felt the new Big Cup "didn't quite live up to [its] high expectations," and others, like @wrestlingmore19, couldn't get on board with the potato chip-peanut butter-chocolate fusion, enjoying the flavors "separately [but] not in one."

But with many positive reviews online from dedicated fans and growing excitement on Twitter about the product's official release date, REESE'S seems to have achieved what it set out to do — to create "the ultimate sweet and salty snack moment."