24% Believe This Is The Best Wendy's Breakfast Item

For many people, eating breakfast is an essential part of starting the day, but we know that when it gets busy, it's hard to find time to prepare a proper meal before work and school. While we have breakfast recipes that are perfect for busy mornings and options for homemade breakfast sandwiches you can eat on the go, sometimes snagging a bite from a fast food chain is the easiest thing to do.

And if you love Wendy's, we've ranked every breakfast item to help you choose the tastiest sandwich on the menu. But fans of Wendy's have also given their opinion on the best breakfast food from the chain in a new Mashed poll. The survey asked 599 U.S.-based respondents to choose their favorite between six options: The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit; the Breakfast Baconator; the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich; the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Burrito; the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant; and the Seasoned Potatoes. Which do you think came out on top?

The survey says the best Wendy's breakfast item is the Breakfast Baconator

According to nearly 600 Wendy's fans who responded in the poll, the best way to start your day is with the Breakfast Baconator. This menu item received 24.21% of the votes, making it the number-one favorite. In second place, the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich got 20.20% of the votes, making it another close favorite.

Respectively, the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant and the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit got 15.36% and 16.36% of the votes in this poll for neck-and-neck third and fourth place finishes. Seasoned potatoes are a classic side dish, but only 12.52% of poll respondents thought this was Wendy's best breakfast dish. It seems like the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Burrito isn't Wendy's strong point since it only received 11.35% of the votes for best breakfast item.

Wondering what's on the much-loved Breakfast Baconator? According to Wendy's website, it has grilled sausage, American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, and a fresh egg. If American cheese just isn't enough, this breakfast sausage sandwich is also topped with Swiss cheese sauce. It's similar to the Baconator burger, so if that's your go-to order at Wendy's, the Breakfast Baconator is likely also something you would enjoy.