Employees On Reddit Say This Is Taco Bell's Least Ordered Item

There are good things to order at Taco Bell and then there are really good things to order at Taco Bell. Over the years, the Mexican fast food chain has released more than a few wildly popular products that have earned what we would call cult-favorite status. There was the Doritos Locos Taco, which is a taco made of a Doritos shell. And there was the Quesalupa, which heroically returned to the Taco Bell menu earlier this year. And who could forget Nacho Fries which, as the name implies, are French fries coated in taco seasoning and served with nacho cheese sauce for dunking?

According to Eat This, Not That!, the Nacho Fries are actually Taco Bell's most popular food in its history, selling over 53 million orders in just five weeks when they were released. But what about the least ordered menu items? Taco Bell employees took to Reddit to discuss, based on their experience, which dishes at the national chain are the least popular with customers. Here's which one in particular is rarely requested at the drive-thru.

Taco Bell's black bean burrito isn't a popular menu item

According to Reddit, Taco Bell might be better off leaving burritos to Chipotle. More specifically, it isn't exactly winning the Mexican fast food game with its black bean burrito. Many former and current employees on Reddit agree that this is the least ordered menu item at Taco Bell. "Black bean burritos are seldom ordered where I work," one person said, while another commented, "Most employees say to stay away from the black beans a because no one orders them that often!" 

The black bean burrito clocks in at 420 calories and — in its most basic form — consists of a flour tortilla filled with black beans, seasoned rice, avocado ranch sauce, and cheddar cheese. Another Taco Bell meal that many employees say they rarely serve up is the Enchirito "because most people don't even know we still have them." In case you didn't know, the Enchirito is essentially a cross between a burrito and an enchilada.