How Matt Damon Helps Out In The Kitchen On Thanksgiving

There's a reason why the expression "too many cooks in the kitchen" came to be. While the statement can be used beyond the culinary space, anyone who has tried to prepare a meal with multiple people vying for control can attest to its truth. In particular, stress can be high during holiday meal preparations, so it's a wise idea to split up the tasks. 

There are plenty of celebrities who pride themselves on their cooking skills but when you think of Matt Damon, the first image that comes to mind probably doesn't involve him standing behind a kitchen counter wearing an apron. (Or it might now that you're imagining it!) Nonetheless, Damon is always ready to lend a helping hand wherever needed. The actor recently had a chat with Delish regarding his humanitarian efforts to provide clean water to people living in poverty. Damon co-founded and the company is currently partnering up with Stella Artois – a portion of your beer spendings through the end of 2021 will be donated to the humanitarian campaign. Clean water aside, Delish was also curious to know what Damon has planned for the holidays.

What does Matt Damon eat for Thanksgiving?

The star told Delish that his family keeps it traditional for Thanksgiving, listing turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce as key items on the table. The Damons stick to roasting their turkey, although the actor adds, "I love a fried turkey as much as the next guy." Nevertheless, improper technique can be disastrous when it comes to frying the giant bird and Damon prefers to avoid the risk altogether.

Meanwhile, Delish inquired as to whether Damon took on the role of the head chef or stuck to the sidelines in the kitchen. His role has shifted since he told Grub Street almost a decade ago, "At home, my only responsibility in the kitchen is ... well ... eating." Nowadays Damon tells Delish, "I'm kind of a utility player on the team," meaning that he's up to any basic task but stays far from anything that requires actual skill. All the same, his interests haven't changed that much and he still loves eating – pumpkin and apple pie are his favorite desserts to finish up a Thanksgiving feast.