This McDonald's Employee Went Viral After Preparing 6,400-Item Order

What's the biggest order you've ever placed at McDonald's? The 50-piece McNugget, four large fries and some Cokes?

Mcdonald's employee Brittani Marie Curtis (brittanicurtis23) recently posted on TikTok what was likely the biggest order of her tenure at the fast food giant: 1,600 McChicken sandwiches, 1,600 McDoubles, and 3,200 chocolate chip cookies. For those of you keeping count, that's a 6,400-item order. What's more, the customer wanted it in only four hours. That's not a lot of time to cook, assemble, wrap, and bag that much food, but this McDonald's made it happen. (Frankly, we're surprised McDonald's had that much food on hand to prepare.) In the comments, the poster revealed that the bill was close to $7,400. We did a little digging and found some Reddit threads discussing huge McDonald's orders, such as this one from 2018 and this one from 2016, but they don't come close to the order Curtis took. 

Brittani, looking very tired after her shift, posted the video along with the comment, "When a customer calls and says they need 1600 McChicken, 1600 McDoubles, and 3200 cookies in 4 hours." The video then cuts back to glimpses of her shift at McDonald's and shows the boxes of sandwiches and cookies being prepared for the order. In the caption, Brittani wrote, "No lie, ya girl is TIRED!" Hopefully Brittani had plenty of help assembling the order.

Followers had questions about this massive order

The TikTok video posted by brittanicurtis23, which shows her exhaustion after putting together a 6,400-item order in four hours, received more than 505,000 views and 948 comments in two days.

Several followers noted that they would have quit on the spot in the face of such an overwhelming task. "Please tell me they actually picked them up," another commenter wrote. (Brittani revealed that the group that placed the order was a regular customer, and in a later comment revealed that it was a local prison, although she didn't say whether the food was for the inmates or staff.)

Some followers commiserated with brittanicurtis23's task. One wrote, "I thought 1200 kids meals...was bad. Most stressful day of my life back then." Other commenters had questions: one asked how they put the order together without losing count (great question!), she said two crew members were up front in the boxing area, keeping count with a calculator, boxing 20 sandwiches at a time. Several followers asked how they kept everything warm; Brittani replied that they kept the sandwiches in warmers for as long as possible.

Many of the comments praised Curtis and her crew mates, who had to keep up with the usual orders while completing the massive McChicken and McDouble order. One commenter said it best: "Damn you go girl if nobody told you today, thank you for all your hard work!!!"