The Best Type Of Donut For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Donuts are one of life's little luxuries. There's something so satisfying about biting into a warm, yeasted pastry first thing in the morning. Even a cake donut does the trick if you prefer that. But with so many delicious options to choose from, you might need a little guidance from time to time. And that's where your astrological sign comes in. With Co-Star as a reference point, Mashed selected the most representative donuts for each of the Zodiac signs.

From jelly-filled to original glazed, we have assigned an appropriate donut to each sign. Whether you're a two-sided Gemini or a deep, dark Scorpio, there's a classic donut flavor that's right for each one of you. While some signs and donuts might pair better together than others, there's room for everyone in the Mashed box of a dozen donuts. Don't forget to check your moon and rising signs to find out just how sweet your donut picks are.


Born between March 20 and April 19, the Aries is a fire sign represented by the ram. While a pepper-infused donut would certainly keep this fire sign on its toes, and anything but bored, Aries just might be best represented by the jelly donut. Typically filled with a bright red or pink jelly or jam, these donuts are not meant for chowing down on. Instead, they require great attention to avoid having the jelly spill out all over your lap or splatter out of the side. Just like an Aries, jelly donuts can be impulsive without offering any compromise. There is no stopping the jelly.


Taurus, the bull, born between April 19 and May 20, may be best represented by the Bavarian cream donut. The Taurus is all about comfort, stability, and balance and would rather avoid change (via mindbodygreen). Also a sensual sign, the bull enjoys taking its time to enjoy pleasures related to the senses, including eating. Few foods are more sensual and comforting than a Bavarian cream donut. There are no jarring flavors or textures and no dangers of squirting jelly, but this classic donut should be enjoyed slowly and carefully. The Bavarian cream donut is light and airy, and the custard cream fills every inch of the inside, leaving no room for surprises.


Those born between May 20 and June 21 fall into the Gemini Zodiac, and chances are you've heard about their tendencies to be two-faced, just like their symbol the twins. But Geminis typically are very knowledgeable and learn new things quickly. They might have dual personalities because of their curiosity to explore everything, as well as their ability to be both introverted and extroverted. That's why the Boston cream donut is a great fit for Geminis. Though similar to a Bavarian cream donut, the Boston cream donut requires the ability to look beneath the surface, just like Geminis do. Not to mention the complexity of chocolate icing with pastry cream inside the donut is just enough to quench the busy minds of those feisty twins.


Cancers are best known for being homebodies and cherishing comfortable surroundings. They are sensitive and enjoy the familiar. That's why none other than a blueberry cake donut is the perfect way to sum up those born between June 21 and July 22. Biting into a flavorful, sweet blueberry cake donut is reminiscent of a warm blueberry muffin. And few things are as nostalgic, comforting, or homey as that. It's the perfect fit for the crab so long as you pair it with a cup of coffee for an extra cozy morning at home.


Leos are represented by the lion, and they are all about shining as bright as the summer sun. Leos have a touch of vanity, and they thrive when the center of attention. That's why strawberry iced donuts with sprinkles are essentially Leos. Like the Leo, it's hard not to notice the bright and happy pink iced donuts with rainbow sprinkles among the more muted color donuts such as original glazed and chocolate iced. They stand out, bursting with bright, bold flavor, just like the Leo.


Virgos are known for their organizing and cleaning skills, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have orderly or neat living spaces. They do, however, want to be useful and have a quick solution for almost anything. Basically, the Virgo is a sugar donut. They might make a mess, but at least the sugar doesn't stick to everything the way powdered sugar does. The bottom line is that sugar donuts can give you the sugar boost you might need to get going.


Those whose birthdays fall between September 22 and October 23, Libras, don't like to be on their own. Libras are also known for being pleasing to the eye, like the donut Mashed chose for the Zodiac. Given the time of year the Libra season falls, it only seems natural that they would be maple frosted donuts. This fall favorite pairs well right along side the popular pumpkin spice and apple cider donuts, and the trio makes the perfect basic fall photo you'll want to share on social.


Scorpios are known for being dark, both in their outlook on life as well as their appearances. They are deep thinkers and are said to despise vulnerability. They can hide anything in the shadows, and that's why glazed chocolate donuts are the best choice for Scorpios. Glazed chocolate donuts are sweet, but not too sweet thanks to the cocoa powder used to make them. Most accurate of all, glazed chocolate donuts are as dark as Scorpios believe themselves to be.


Those under the sign of the archer, Sagittarius, are explorers and finders. They're loud, optimistic, and have visceral gut reactions thanks to their strong emotions. This cerebral sign is best represented by glazed crullers thanks to their whimsical shape. The structural twists and braids on the top of crullers offer plenty of texture to explore while chowing down on the decadent donuts. These are the kind of pastry you either love or hate, or love to hate, just like those of the Sagittarius sign.


Capricorns are known as being the responsible friend who is driven by work and success. Staying financially organized and suppressing almost any emotion in order to do well are also hallmarks of the Capricorn. That's why those whose birthdays fall between December 21 and Jan 20 resonate with original glazed donuts. These donuts are the ultimate adult pick and the baseline go-to. Just like Capricorns, original glazed donuts do the heavy lifting of many donut shops and are truly the donut synonymous with the food itself. If that's not success, we don't know what is.


Aquarians tend to be outsiders who can entertain a crowd. They're anything but boring, and they love to stand out based on being different, weird, or unpopular in other people's views. That's why this Zodiac sign is chocolate iced donuts with sprinkles. Unlike strawberry-iced Leos, Aquarians stand out but don't necessarily call attention to themselves. Chocolate-frosted donuts with sprinkles seem like they'd be a popular choice but don't appear to be begging for attention. Oddly enough, chocolate iced donuts tend to get picked over the chocolate iced with sprinkles, leaving the chosen Aquarian donuts exactly where they want to be.


Last but not least is the Pisces. This Zodiac sign falling between February 18 and March 20 is an ethereal, fantasy-absorbed water sign represented by two fish swimming in a circle. They're often associated with having a dreamy disposition and a romantic way of thinking. Pisces essentially float through the world wearing perpetual rose-colored lens glasses. That's why they're powdered sugar donuts. These donuts are light and fluffy, and only Pisces can appreciate the delightful nature of a donut that can leave puffs of sugar floating in the air if you breathe too close to them.