Instagram Is Crying From Laughter Over Valerie Bertinelli's Parking Dilemma

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People often say "I was crying" to convey that they found something funny. But how often are people literally brought to tears over a joke or a humorous situation? If some of Valerie Bertinelli's social media followers are to be believed, the food celeb made them cry-laugh about a recent parking predicament.

Bertinelli posted an Instagram video that opens with a shot of two closely parked cars. (We learn that the "Kids Baking Championship" star's SUV is on the right.) Over this part of the video, she posted the question "Seriously?" in reference to the 6 or so inches the driver of the other car left between their vehicle and Bertinelli's. The obvious question: How will the star get into the car? 

We love that Bertinelli is willing to share a less-than-glamorous moment. In the video, she shows herself in a mask and sunglasses, perhaps just after completing some errand, as she crawls into the driver's seat from the passenger side. There's a crashing sound as Bertinelli stumbles over the center console, gets her foot stuck, drops an F-bomb, and sets off her car alarm. Cut to an incredulous, slightly mussed, and sweaty star speaking to the camera. "Why did you park like that? Just ... parking etiquette. Don't ... don't we all have parking etiquette!?" It's rhetorical, of course, because no, sadly, we do not.

Valerie Bertinelli's fans laughed and sympathized

Near tears, the author of the soon-to-be-released "Enough Already" (via Amazon) has clearly had enough already.  But her emotions seem to quickly change, and Valerie Bertinelli begins to laugh. "Oh my God," she says. "It's the little things that just eat away at you because [you are] so busy tamping the big things down." We get it. It's less about the car than those "big things" we all deal with. She ends the video with a smile and a laugh, posting it with the caption, "It's FINE!! I'M FINE!! UGH!!" and a cry-laugh emoji. Fans replied with cry-laugh emojis of their own.

Yrfan304 suggested the tears were real, writing, "I'm crying right now because I'm laughing so much" and that "when your car alarm went off that was it." Similarly, susiequety commented, "Parking etiquette?!? [cry-laugh emoji] I am crying and laughing with you!" Some of Bertinelli's Instagram followers reacted with sympathy. Coopgirl21 wrote, "It's a little thing, but really a big thing, because it shows how little people care about others." Adoptadog15 related, "Been thru it and this made me laugh." Dstitt1 appreciated that the celebrity let fans "see that side" of her. And cre8ivnails insightfully noted, "Sometimes the smallest, silliest thing will bring that avalanche down! I love that you could laugh through the moment though! Thanks for showing us the realness!!!"