The Grocery Store With The Best Thanksgiving Deals According To 28% Of People

If you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, there's a lot you need to shop for, like the turkey, stuffing mix, potatoes, gravy, and pie. All of those things add up really fast, whether you buy them pre-cooked or get all the ingredients to make them yourself. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average Thanksgiving meal in the United States in 2020 cost around $47 for 10 people or less (via CBS News). In 2021, however, that number will be higher, with the Farm Bureau predicting the total to be up 4% to 5% from last year thanks to rising food prices.

Fortunately, many grocery stores are offering deals and sales on popular Thanksgiving food to help pare down the cost of your holiday meal. But where should you shop to save the most money? Mashed polled more than 600 people across the country to find out. We asked respondents which grocery store has the best Thanksgiving deals, from Walmart and Kroger to Costco. Here's which one the majority of people chose.

Walmart is the best place to shop for Thanksgiving food on sale

If you want to save the most money when shopping for Thanksgiving dinner this year, there's one place you should go, according to Mashed's poll results: Walmart. Just over 28% of respondents say that the retail corporation offers the best Thanksgiving deals. Eat This recommends using the Walmart app — which offers exclusive deals — and shopping its in-house brand, Everyday Value, to cut down on your overall grocery bill.

How did other major grocery store chains fare in terms of Thanksgiving food savings? Costco was a very close second, with just over 27% of people dubbing it the best for deals (which is no surprise, given that the retailer is famous for its low prices and bulk buys). Third place went to Kroger, earning over 16% of the votes, followed by Aldi with over 15%. Meijer — a supermarket chain primarily in the Midwest — received just 7.58% of the votes, but that's still nearly double the 4.94% that Whole Foods got, landing it in last place. Shocking? Definitely not — Whole Foods is notoriously expensive, and respondents believe its Thanksgiving food selection is no different.