Costco Shoppers Are Divided On This Fig Baked Brie With Walnuts

Do you enjoy cutting into a round of Brie and smearing it onto some bread, serving it on a platter with other cheeses, or just shoving it straight into your mouth? Brie is a super mild, super creamy soft cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk (via Traditionally made in France and served at room temperature in order to best enjoy its runny texture and buttery flavor, Brie is a perennial cheese board favorite and is also right at home on sandwiches and crostini.

If you love Brie, chances are you've savored a baked Brie. A common party appetizer, baked Brie typically features a round of oven-warmed Brie — either au natural or wrapped in puff pastry — jazzed up with toppings like caramelized onions or fruit jam. If you love baked Brie and Costco, you may have tried an apricot baked Brie that the wholesaler giant sold over the spring. Now, Costco stores are stocking a new baked Brie accented with fig jam and walnuts, and shoppers can't seem to decide if they love it or hate it.

This baked Brie isn't for everyone

If you love Costco stores, you're likely familiar with the wholesaler's extensive selection of cheeses, from a variety pack of Spanish quesos to classic Irish Kerry Dubliner. Earlier this year, Costco marketed a baked Brie with apricot jam and chopped walnuts which sounded delicious, but which shoppers were divided on. And now, according to the Instagram account @costcobuys, a similar puff pastry-wrapped Brie — but with figs instead of apricots — has hit store shelves. Judging from the comments on the post, this baked Brie is similarly divisive among shoppers.

"Baked Brie with fig jam and chopped walnuts for $10.99! 😋 I loooove baked Brie so I'm really excited to try this! 🤩" @costcobuys wrote on their post. Some commenters were just as pumped. "This stuff is great and freezes really well!" wrote @thecostcopro. "I had this last year and it was so good 😊" added @chit_after60.

But other commenters were less than enthused. "I bought it last year and was sadly disappointed," wrote @moonlitsummerskies. "I bought this but it wasn't that great!" echoed @joyce9381. Sounds like this one's a draw, folks.