Instagram Can't Wait To Make Bobby Flay's Fruity Spin On Brussels Sprouts

If you were ever forced to eat Brussels sprouts growing up — or if you're currently dealing with picky eaters — you're likely well aware that they're one of those vegetables that get a really bad rap among the younger set. However, there are plenty of good reasons to eat the tiny green cabbages. Packed with fiber and vitamins like K and C, Brussels sprouts can improve digestion, promote good heart health, and even help prevent cancer (via Healthline). 

Not only that but there are so many ways to make Brussels sprouts taste better and even delicious. You can roast them in olive oil, air fry them, or shred them into a salad or better yet, a cheesy, gooey casserole. If none of those suit you — or if you want to try something new — chef Bobby Flay has another interesting take on Brussels sprouts, which he recently shared on Instagram. The secret ingredient to his go-to Brussels sprouts recipe? Fruit. Here's what you need to know about the celebrity chef's veggie side dish that would be perfect for the holidays.

Bobby Flay recommends adding pomegranate seeds to Brussels sprouts

While Brussels sprouts can be eaten all year round, their peak season is from September to February (via Cooking Light). That makes them a popular choice for holiday meals, whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. In Bobby Flay's home, he likes to whip up a batch of Brussels sprouts on Turkey Day — but with a twist. In a recent Instagram post, the Food Network chef revealed his favorite recipe for the cruciferous veggies. "Another #Thanksgiving contender ... Brussels Sprouts are always a hit at my house," he wrote in the caption. "This dish utilizes pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses, too."

Instagram's collective stomach seemed to growl, as fans posted about how yummy the Brussels sprouts looked. Some sounded eager to find out for themselves. "Can't wait to try this!" exclaimed an excited follower. "Let's make this on Thanksgiving," suggested another commenter to a fellow user. Someone else expressed a desire to modify the idea by using butternut squash.

You can find the full recipe on Bobby Flay's website if you want to try it for yourself this Thanksgiving. According to the recipe notes, the dish started at Bobby's former restaurant Gato in New York City. "It's the perfect balance of flavors, topped with crunchy, toasted chopped walnuts," he explains. You just sprinkle the pomegranate seeds over the Brussels sprouts in the casserole dish and voila — a side dish your guests are sure to love.