Instagram Is Raining Hearts Over Duff Goldman's Daughter Eating Cheese

Another day, another adorable picture of sweet Josephine Goldman on daddy's Instagram page! In this latest image, celebrity chef and pastry wizard Duff Goldman is holding a bit of cheese in the foreground, while young Josephine eagerly reaches her chubby little baby hand out to snag it. Captioned, "She's definitely mine. She likes cheese!" Goldman's post once again shows the world that he was meant to be a doting dad, even more so than a success in the kitchen. Speaking with Yahoo! Life, Goldman described how his entire existence has been shaped by baby Josephine: "You have a kid and I see the entire world through, not her eyes, but through a new mind. It's like all of a sudden, I finally have purpose in my life. It's earth-shattering, having a kid."

Born on January 31 to the "Ace of Cakes" star and his wife Johanna (via Today), young Josephine has already charmed Instagram with a Cheerio stuck to her face and a quintessential "messy baby face" photo. So although her mom and dad are definitely her biggest fans, she's shown that she has the star power to pull many more in her own right. Fortunately, public opinions about the sweet baby face are overwhelmingly (possibly even completely) positive. 

Fan reaction to Duff Goldman's latest baby pic

With more than 3,000 likes in just the first hour or so after posting the adorable cheese-infused image (via Instagram), it's clear that Josephine Goldman has captured the hearts of the world at large. The comments section of the post is littered with choruses of words like adorable, beautiful, and cutie-pie, and user jan.winn likens her to a "mini duff," but not everything is focused on her admittedly precious looks.

Fan miafern19 comments, "Smart girl – I love cheese, too," and alicia_t1977 wonders whether the baby loves bacon as well. Then there's huskerluver23, who says what's clearly on young Josephine's mind: "Stop taking pictures and hand over the cheese, daddy." One thing's for sure – after Daddy Duff finally gave baby Josephine the cheese, he was definitely treated to a gummy grin. Now, to wait and see what the youngest Goldman does next.