Instagram Is Loving Duff Goldman's Messy-Faced Baby Photo

Duff Goldman uses his Instagram account for two main reasons: to share with fans the latest magnificent creations from his bakery, Charm City Cakes, and to update fans about what his daughter Josephine has been up to. In fact, it seems like baby Josephine has a pretty large fanbase of her own! The proud papa is hands-on when it comes to documenting his daughter's escapades. Whether we're seeing Josephine after barfing all over her father (via Instagram), during adventures in nature, or getting kisses from her Food Network "grandma" during on-set appearances, the star chef is all too happy to share these glimpses with eager fans.

Considering what a great baker Goldman is, it's a given that baby Josephine is already having her own adventures with food. Per an Instagram post, in July, she accompanied her dad on a visit to the Charm City Cakes store in Baltimore, the location that kickstarted Goldman's Food Network career (via the Charm City Cakes website) — teach them young, they say! Josephine has also made trips to a cornfield and a pumpkin patch. But not every cute food-themed adventure needs to feature an outing, as demonstrated by a recent Instagram pic of baby Josephine that has the internet swooning.

Instagram can't get enough of baby Josephine's smoothie-covered face

Duff Goldman took to Instagram to share one of the latest adventures that baby Josephine has had while discovering food. Josephine has already encountered her first watermelon and loves Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs. Another dish that Goldman can add to a growing list of Josephine-tested foods is a banana, apple, spinach, and cinnamon oat yogurt smoothie.

If the messy photo is any indication, Josephine was probably into her green smoothie dinner even if more of it ended up on her face than in her tummy! One commenter thought she looked "so impressed" with the meal. "She's eating better than me!" admitted another follower. Others couldn't get over how adorable baby Josephine looked, especially with her big, wide eyes. "Beautiful and mischievous," said a comment. Others observed just how much the child looked like her papa even with her green food-covered face. One fan had a hilarious take on Josephine's facial expression: "She looks betrayed...did it look like an ice cream sundae?" Considering the impressive replicas Goldman can make with cakes, maybe baby Josephine got successfully tricked by her dad into eating her greens!