Is Moe From Moe's Southwest Grill A Real Person?

There's quite a few chain restaurants with real-life mascots, but is Moe's one of them? On its website, the chain explains the significance of its name. 

In regards to the Southwest-style eatery, "Moe," is not a person, but rather an acronym for, "Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers." According to its official website, "Musicians" refers to its deliberate choice of artists, whose music is "more than background noise." These people "left this world too early" but are still remembered for the impact and change they made on the musical landscape. 

As for the two other letters, "O" stands for "Outlaws," which gives a nod to the restaurant's creative spirit when designing its menu items (and with choices like the "The Stack," we can't argue with that reasoning) and "E" is for "Entertainers," which references the company's appreciation for pop-culture. Moe's aims to be a place for family, friends, and co-workers to have a laugh and enjoy good food. So even though there's no real-life Moe, you have to admit that the origin story behind the chain's name is pretty interesting.

Moe's also has no mascot

This may be a surprise for many chain regulars because of how common of a name "Moe" is. But unlike KFC and Wendy's, the famed, burrito-serving chain doesn't have a real-life mascot to represent its brand — or any mascot for that matter. But with its iconic logo and color scheme, there's so many possibilities.

Even better yet, the company could leave the task of designing a mascot with their customers. After all, who's a better choice to come up with a figurehead for the brand than the very people who support it? Using customers' ideas in marketing and administrative strategies isn't a new concept: Ben & Jerry's searched for a new CEO through a nationwide contest among fans.

But as of now, there isn't a real-life Moe to represent the popular burrito bowl joint and only time will tell if that is to change.