TikTok's Hilarious Response To This Leftover Pumpkin Pie Hack

Though dinner is the highlight of Thanksgiving, there's still more to look forward to once the big meal is over. No, we're not talking about dessert; we're thinking of all the delicious things you can make with your Thanksgiving leftovers. Many people think that the best way to use up turkey is to make turkey sandwiches, while Bobby Flay's approach to leftovers is to work with one dish at a time rather than combining everything onto one plate. And when it comes to using up leftover pumpkin pie, TikTok certainly has opinions.

How should you enjoy that leftover pumpkin pie? Based on a video by TikTok user Alexandra Lourdes, the first step is to crumble up the dessert, crust and all, in a large bowl. Next, shape the mixture into little balls, freeze them, and dip them in chocolate. To finish the pumpkin pie bites, drizzle on a little extra chocolate and top them with sprinkles. Essentially, these are just like cake pops — but with pie instead of cake.

Some TikTok users aren't convinced about this leftover pie hack

As is often the case on social media, commenters are unafraid to share their opinions. Whether they're annoyed by a dorm room pasta hack or obsessed with Emily Mariko's salmon rice bowl, TikTok users are quick to reveal how they feel about new food trends. So what's the verdict on how to use up leftover pumpkin pie?

Well, many commenters just seemed confused about the mere concept of leftover pumpkin pie. A top comment on Lourdes' video, which featured an entire leftover pie, said, "I never heard of leftover pumpkin pie...," while another comment with thousands of likes simply said, "leftover? that wasn't even touched." If you do, however, have some extra pie of any flavor lying around, you might enjoy the hack (especially if you crumble in Oreos, as Lourdes suggested). Otherwise, you can always keep it simple and just enjoy a slice the next day with plenty of whipped cream.