The Ridiculous Starbucks Frappuccino Idea Jimmy Kimmel Proposed

Even if you don't stop by Starbucks on a daily basis, you probably know that the coffee chain is one of the best places to find the most unique sweet and spiced caffeinated drinks. In fact, when you factor in Starbucks' different coffee brews, flavored syrups, dairy and non-dairy milks, and other creative add-ins, there are more than 170,000 different beverage possibilities, according to Insider. Many of these are on the regular menu, or roll out seasonally, like Pumpkin Spice Lattes in fall and Peppermint Mochas at holiday time. Thousands of others are part of the fan-made secret menu, with inventive creations like the Baby Yoda Frappuccino and the Caribbean Refresher (per Taste of Home).

Between Starbucks' innovations and their fans' imaginations, it seems the 50-year-old company will have no trouble dazzling us with fun, new drinks in the years to come. And yet, there's at least one person out there who suspects that Starbucks may soon have to resort to rather gross extremes to keep our attention. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel recently shared his idea for the next great, seasonal Starbucks drink on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (via YouTube). Instead of favorite flavors like candy cane and gingerbread, however, Kimmel's horrifying drink has more of a, shall we say, savory profile. Brace yourself for this mini-mart ingredient-based beverage.

Kimmel's holiday egg-based drink is not the one you're expecting

Forget the Eggnog Frappuccino (seen on Starbucks' site); Jimmy Kimmel's idea for the next, festive Starbucks drink is the Deviled Egg Nogguccino, shared via the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" YouTube channel. Beginning at the 8:41 mark, his suggestion begins with a half-dozen of "the finest gas station deviled eggs" put in a blender, followed by a couple of shots of espresso, of course! The revolting combination gets worse with the addition of sour cornichon pickles, heavy cream ... and nutmeg (it is the holidays, after all). 

After blending, the video shows a thick and chunky drink filling up a Starbucks cup, though it's still not done. It gets topped with a "drizzle" of Dijon mustard and a garish dusting of red, smoked paprika. Watching this horrifying drink come together was already more than enough for our stomachs, but the clip drives it home with an unsuspecting customer sipping the deviled egg drink — and then immediately gagging. 

Kimmel's hilarious parody ads are just one of the many reasons we love the guy, and deep down we know (and pray) that this "nogguccino" exists only in the bizarre imaginations of Kimmel and his writers. However, after contemplating this mustardy, eggy drink we feel we must pass on this very serious message to Starbucks: Please, please don't run out of ideas — and no matter what, do not turn to deviled eggs for inspiration, we beg of you.