Twitter Is Loving Padma Lakshmi's Funny Potty Mouth Admission

TV personality, model, and author Padma Lakshmi likes taking the time to engage with her fans, keeping them amused with her regular updates on social media. According to Page Six, fans have even gone as far as asking Lakshmi to attend their bar mitzvahs, which she told the outlet is one of, "The best part[s] of 'Top Chef'" 

One reason some fans relate so closely to Lakshmi is because the star doesn't mind talking about some of her insecurities. Per Bravo, while on a panel for The Cut's "How I Get it Done," Lakshmi shared that she's battled imposter syndrome on "Top Chef" because she doesn't have a traditional culinary background. The host also explained that it can be difficult as a woman working in the food industry, which is "so male dominated."

Of course, as Lakshmi doesn't believe in holding back, she allows herself to express whatever is on her mind — and that includes cussing whenever she feels like it!

Padma Lakshmi fans find her honestly refreshing

A fan recently commented on one of Padma Lakshmi's Twitter threads, pointing out that she tends to "curse like a sailor." Lakshmi tweeted back to this note, "You're [f******] right I do!" Fans loved her response to the good-natured comment, with one tweeting they find her "so amazing!" Another Twitter user stated, "You speak like you cook...Spicy." Most of the other Twitter commenters seemed to find her response comical as well.

Not everyone is a fan of Lakshmi's cursing habit, though ... including her mother. According to New York Magazine, Lakshmi once dropped a few too many f-bombs in a conversation with Vanity Fair. (Seven times, by our count.) At a press event after the article was published, she explained that this was a pretty expletive-heavy interview, even for her. Lakshmi joked that her mother would probably try to wash out her mouth with soap the next time they saw each other.