Publix Just Limited The Sale Of These 6 Grocery Items

Consumers have grown accustomed to being able to scoop up as many of their favorite products as they want while out grocery shopping. Sure, you can't exactly take mass quantities of perishable goods if you won't be able to eat them before they go bad, but why not keep your pantry well stocked with some of your go-to staples? The COVID-19 pandemic changed that to a degree, with many retailers putting limits on essential items like toilet paper or bottled water, as NPR reported.

Publix has recently followed suit, although it isn't toiletries or cleaning supplies that customers will only be allowed to purchase limited amounts of — as First Coast News explained, Publix will be putting restrictions on a handful of items that many consider staples during the holiday season, allowing customers to purchase just two of each of the restricted items.

Those who enjoy whipping up all sorts of sweet treats can only get two bags of coconut flakes, containers of dairy whipping cream, and cartons of half-and-half creamer. Frozen pie shells also made the list, as did vegetable oil, canola oil, and corn oil. Rounding out the newly restricted items is frozen hash browns (perhaps used to whip up a quick Christmas morning breakfast). This isn't the first time Publix has restricted certain items — a few weeks ago, as WFLA reported, customers faced limits on Thanksgiving favorites like canned cranberry sauce, canned pie filling, jarred gravy, bacon, and items such as disposable plates and paper napkins.

Why Publix is restricting these holiday items

These holiday items of course aren't being held back because Publix plans to sell them at a seriously discounted price after the holidays; rather, Twitter user @KaylaGaskinsTV shared an image taken at a Publix location back in November featuring a sign stating that the restrictions are due to "supply issues." The newly updated restrictions are rolling out to all 1,289 of its locations, as per Best Life, and these six holiday staples are additions to the ongoing list of items that have been limited since Thanksgiving. 

Shoppers will have to keep their eyes peeled when they're out shopping to ensure they're checking any signage, as they just may have to make a few stops if they're planning a super-sized holiday feast. In fact, there were shoppers who told Fox 13 News back in November that they were forced to shop at multiple retailers in order to get all the items on their holiday grocery list in the quantities they needed.

If you're counting down the days until you can start stockpiling your favorite pantry items again, well, you won't be able to add the final day to your calendar quite yet. One of the chain's representatives told First Coast News that "there is not a set time" for how long the restrictions will last. What's more, as this latest batch of products joining the pre-Thanksgiving restrictions indicates, the chain clarified "the list can change to include more items or remove items."