Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Jamie Oliver's Son Singing

Jamie Oliver may have made his name as the "Naked Chef," but it is another title of his, Dad — and the children who call him by it — that his followers seem to be most excited about. 

Recently, the cookbook author has been sharing the cutest videos of his son River collecting honey from their garden's beehive, as well as a silly photo round-up celebrating the little guy's fifth birthday, and the celebrity chef's Instagram fans can't get enough of it. Admittedly, River is pretty darn cute, and it's extremely clear that Oliver definitely has a special relationship with his youngest. He even told Foxtel, "River is phenomenal, keeps me on my toes. He breaks a lot of stuff, I'm telling you, there's stuff broken everywhere!" 

Well, that sure sounds like a kid to us! In any case, now Oliver is giving us even more River moments to love, as he has been sharing some of their sweetest Christmas moments over the past few years. In a video post on Instagram that has received almost 165k views and over 20k likes, Oliver shared the cutest clips of his son River greeting viewers, cooking — or refusing to — alongside his dad, and singing. Surprise, surprise: social media is freaking out over River's cuteness and sweet voice, and we think you will be feeling those same holiday vibes, too, once you watch it.

It's angelic

Along with the video, Oliver wrote, "Thought you lot might like this!! River's best bits from my Christmas specials over the years.....," ending with a cry-laughing emoji. The clip kicks-off with Jamie telling River to say "hi" which he does before it rolls into film of a toddler-version of Oliver's son wearing yellow wellies, holding a red truck and saying what sounds like "kitty-cat." We love when Oliver asks his son if he wants to a make a tiramisu and receives the one-word reply, "No," and then proceeds to mimic his dad with a "There you go guys." 

For the most part, though, it is the 2021 segment featuring River's sweet voice singing at the end of the video that has people on Instagram impressed. Here, River croons in an angelic Soprano voice, "Christmas is good for you," and as one fan typed, "Absolutely love this, River is a cutie! And also I still remember that moment when Buddy went for a wee in view while you was filming." 

Another commenter offered similar thoughts: "Aaaawwwww River is toooo cute. What a voice tho." And yet another echoed that sentiment, writing, "That last one got me good!! Proper little singer xxx." Still, another Oliver fan wrote what all of us are thinking, "More River content — that's food for the soul."

If you want to see more of River with his famous dad, Oliver ended his post with the following postscript: "PS tune into my #JamiesTogether Christmas special starting on Monday 8pm @channel4 for more of his wild antics!!"