Twitter Is Loving Padma Lakshmi's Hilarious Carb Challenge

Padma Lakshmi has spent a lot of time enjoying and judging all kinds of food. Per Biography, her first cookbook, "Easy Exotic," featured low-calorie recipes influenced by Southeast Asian cuisine. She starred in a Food Network called "Padma's Passport" and went on to become the executive producer and host of both Hulu's "Taste the Nation" and Bravo's "Top Chef" (via Bravo). As a food show host, Lakshmi has to consume a large variety of foods when judging contestants' dishes, so you better believe she knows how she feels about carbs. 

Lakshmi has managed to divide Twitter by declaring rice better than bread. And she's been known to enjoy a scrumptious-looking late-night pasta snack. Maybe if she had to choose among them, she'd have an answer. But would her fans? Many people have a love-hate relationship with carbs. Bread, rice, and pasta have been identified as problematic by people who are sensitive to gluten or looking to lose a few pounds. And Lakshmi is making followers sort out their complex feelings about simple carbohydrates in a hilariously challenging tweet. She asked her fans to weigh in: "F**k, marry, kill: Rice, bread, noodles?"

Twitter is struggling with which carb is the best

In a recent Twitter post, Padma Lakshmi challenged her followers to make the tough choice of which carb they love the most. Editor and writer Jhené St. Croix admonished the food show host and said, "Padma! This is impossible!" Some followers refuse to decide which food they would love, commit to, or have a one-night stand with, but others know exactly what they would do.

One follower who is in touch with their carb feelings tweeted, "Kill noodles, they're versatile but not for me. F rice because it's a subcomponent of some of my favorite dishes, it's a good time, but it ain't love. Marry bread, my beloved. ... Now I'm hungry." Other users make their decision based on the type of relationship. Brandon justifies marrying bread because they can "be happy and get fat together" while another follower would prefer to commit to rice, as they feel it is "more dependable."

Some followers who accepted the carb challenge based their choices on the type of foods that can be created with rice, bread, and noodles. Veronica McCallum wanted to kill noodles because you "can't have Channa Masala over spaghetti," while another user based their decision solely on the ingredients "compatibility with kimchi." Padma Lakshmi talks about yogurt rice being her favorite Indian comfort food in other Twitter posts. Unfortunately for her followers, who were brave enough to take on her FMK challenge, she never disclosed if she would put a ring on it.