Instagram Is Raining Hearts On This Goofy Pic Of Jamie Oliver's Puppy

We've been following British chef Jamie Oliver for decades now, ever since he appeared on his first cooking show on television, "The Naked Chef," so it's almost like we grew up with him. We've seen him open restaurants, get more shows, develop a video game, publish cookbooks, get married, and even have kids. But the newest addition to his family is giving us the biggest warm fuzzies of all.

That's because Oliver recently put a spotlight on the newest addition to his family on Instagram, noting that his pet, a dog named Conker, is a "sweet little puppy," and "already a key member of our mad family." In the picture accompanying that caption, you see a brown and white dog with light blue eyes staring into the camera, with Oliver looking at the puppy from the background. The post has received more than 65,500 likes since it was posted, so it's safe to say that fans were delighted to see that Oliver had invited a furry new friend into his home.

Fans love Jamie Oliver's new dog

Fans didn't hold back while heaping praise on the photo. "Adorable," one person said, accompanied by a flurry of heart eye and puppy paw emoji. "SO BEAUTIFUL," exclaimed another fan in all caps, also accompanied by several heart eye and red heart emoji.

Still others noted the uncanny resemblance between Oliver and his dog — but not in a mean way, of course. "Same color eyes too," "He looks just like his daddy lol," and "Amazingly both sets of eyes in this photo show the same shade of aquamarine blue – a charming coincidence," were just some of the comments by fans who noticed that Oliver and Conker share the same color eyes. 

This is not the first post of Conker that Oliver has shared on social media. As fans of the cook may have noticed, Oliver also posted an image of the pooch in late November as they enjoyed a walk and weeks prior as he introduced him for the first time.