The Surprising Hobby You Never Knew Ree Drummond Had

Ree Drummond has a lot of hobbies that she has shared with her fans over the years, including turning her popular blog into a Food Network show. And, she's had us watching since 2011 when her beloved persona The Pioneer Woman was brought to life by the cooking channel (via Pop Culture). But, cooking up a storm is not her only interest. You may remember when Drummond revealed, on her website, that she once liked to channel her energy into putting food in front of her late dog Charlie's nose while he was sleeping to try and rouse the drowsy puppy from his slumber. 

She also shared with Closer Weekly that, while she no longer has hopes of being a prima ballerina, she still likes to break out her toe shoes and show off her leaps and twirling skills, calling it her "new evening hobby." But, as a woman of many interests, her passions don't stop there. In fact you may be surprised to learn that, when the weather starts to cool and fall hits, the whole Drummond family enjoys talking smack and sharing their thoughts about this one sport they all love.  

The Drummond family all comes together over football

In October, Ree Drummond shared on her blog that her household is all about family and football in every way, shape, and form. As Drummond said, "Friday night football. College football. NFL football. Fantasy football. Have I mentioned that we're a football family?" 

The celebrity chef wasn't kidding. Even Drummond's daughter Alex and her new son-in-law Mauricio love the sport. Alex shared, "Probably our favorite part about fall is football. We love cheering on the Steelers, we love cheering on the Aggies, we love cheering on the Pawhuska Huskies." 

But, Drummond's love for fantasy football in particular is what has us really surprised. A few years back, the cookbook author shared with Parade that the hobby was what the family talked about around the dinner table. She humorously said, "If it weren't for fantasy football, I don't know what we'd talk about." But glancing through her website, it looks like Drummond has been participating in a fantasy league since at least 2013. We wonder who is leading in wins in the Drummond household, but somehow we think it's the family member who gives us all of our tailgating recipes and ideas, including that delicious chili recipe that's perfect for game time.