The Best Ways To Use Trader Joe's Seasonings, According To Reddit

There's a couple of charming paradoxes involved in shopping at Trader Joe's. The first is that Trader Joe's was "born" in the Baby Booming 1950s, but at this point, the grocery chain is now known for being the ultimate in Gen Millen-focused food shopping, according to Gildshire Magazines. Another is that although Trader Joe's is well-known for its gorgeous selection of prepared foods, it has also won rave reviews for its private-label seasonings, and in particular, its private-label seasoning combos such as the ever-popular Everything But The Bagel, the slightly less-well-known Everything But The Elote, and the Mushroom & Company Multipurpose Umami Seasoning, which is totally on point in this age of umami appreciation.  There are also the 21 Seasoning Salute and the Nori Nori Furikake, both of which are among the  Trader Joe's seasonings you need to be using. And, of course, the new and much-hyped Cheesy Seasoning Blend.

"What are your favorite uses for [these] TJs seasonings?" one Reddit user (u/and_here_I_be) asked of the Trader Joe's subreddit earlier today, specifically name-checking each of the seasoning combos named above, with which their brother apparently gifted them (via Reddit). "My brother bought Trader Joe seasonings for me! I don't live in the US so it's my first time trying these. What are your favorite uses for them?" Happily, the Trader Joe's fans of Reddit did not all downvote their OP here, offering, and still offering, as we speak, their favorite best ways to use these Trade Joe's seasonings. 

Looking for ways to use Trader Joe's seasonings? Just ask Reddit

The generous and comprehensive responses did Reddit proud. Among them, these were the ones the Reddit algorithm picked up on as the "top" and/or the "best:" Regarding the Everything But The Bagel seasoning, Redditor u/ft_wanderer offered the option of putting this seasoning on toast, topping bread with it, and also sprinkling into egg salad. As for the Everything But The Elote seasoning, this same user said they "top salmon with only this spice, bake it and it comes out amazing," and added, "I also roast vegetables with it sometimes." 

The Mushroom & Company Multipurpose Umami is great "on popcorn and on any green veggie," according to Redditor u/JJF189. Redditor u/ivehearditbothwaysss points out that they "love the 21seasoning salute on any form of potatoes or any baked veggies. Something about the crispiness goes so well with it." As for the Nori Nori Furikake, which the OP recognizes as an obvious winner on top of rice but was seeking new and different alternatives, one Redditor (u/basil_ganglias) suggested trying it out on cauliflower rice for a healthier version of anything that you'd normally make with regular rice, including sushi, poke, and spring rolls.  

As for the Cheesy Seasoning Blend, which although it looks intriguing, has been called underwhelming by some, u/Ravioli_meatball19 volunteered that they sprinkle this particular seasoning on "pretty much every vegetable I cook," also adding, "It's also great on chicken in a lot of dishes."