Giada De Laurentiis Has The Perfect Skillet Brownie Recipe For Gluten-Free Fans

Whether you are a glutton for gluten or steer clear of the grain protein for health reasons, Giada De Laurentiis has a gluten-free brownie recipe recipe that you are going to want to add to your sweet treat repertoire. On her Giadzy lifestyle site, the Food Network star and "Simply Giada" host shared her method for skillet brownies, which she says have all the chocolaty chewiness of a classic brownie without the gluten or refined sugar.

Per Eat This, Not That, De Laurentiis' latest cookbook, "Eat Better, Feel Better," was inspired by her holistic wellness journey. While one of her feel-better tips in the book is to cut back on desserts, she also acknowledges that "life is too short to live without sweets." After realizing that she had an "addiction" to sugar, she decided to eat fewer desserts per week, while ensuring that the sweets she does enjoy are more nutritious and worth every bite. With their quick, health-focused swaps for traditional brownie ingredients, these skillet treats seem to fit the bill.

Almond flour is key to De Laurentiis' GF brownies

How does De Laurentiis make her brownies gluten-free? Instead of whipping in all-purpose flour, her recipe uses blanched almond flour, which Healthline reports is inherently gluten-free and wheat-free. Besides being safe to eat for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances, the ingredient has antioxidants and minerals that help control your blood sugar. As for how the almond flour functions in the brownies, De Laurentiis says it "adds even more delicious flavor and texture."

Based on the photos and De Laurentiis' description, these gluten-free brownies do appear just as gooey and "decadent" as the classic. Other updates include coconut sugar in place of refined sugar for sweetness, as well as coconut oil instead of butter or vegetable oil. And if you're just here for the chocolate, don't worry: The cocoa powder and chocolate chips used to make traditional brownies still have the starring role in De Laurentiis' skillet version.