This Is The Most-Searched Girl Scout Cookie, According To Google

It happens every year: Girl Scout Cookie season. And when it's here, oh boy do we throw caution to the wind. The anticipation for these seasonal cookies can be overwhelming. They are just that good and everyone has their favorite when it comes to these iconic sweets. 

Maybe some folks can't resist those lovely Tagalongs that the Girl Scouts website describes as "crispy cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolaty coating." Others might go for those shortbread Trefoils that pair so perfectly with our morning coffee. The S'mores Girl Scout cookie – chocolate and marshmallow creme filling flanked by two graham cracker cookies – is the ultimate for dipping in a glass of ice-cold milk or next to a cup of hot cocoa. And of course, if you are ordering up a few boxes, you have to try the newest cookie, the Adventureful, too. 

Girl Scout Cookies are the best. But don't take us at our word: check out their sales and revenue. Those numbers speak the truth, and according to NBC News, approximately 200 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies are sold per year, raking in around $800 million. Cha-ching! But have you ever wondered which variety of this beloved cookie is the most popular? Thanks to Google analytics and our friends at The Takeout, we know just what cookie keeps your finger clicking and clacking in search of the sweet nirvana they provide.

The most popular and most Googled flavor is Thin Mints

According to The Takeout, Google shared its stats for most searched for Girl Scout cookie with the food site and there was one cool cookie that had the map seeing green. Thin Mints led Google searches in 38 states. This is not really a surprise when you consider YouGov took a poll of 7,000 people in 2020 to discern America's favorite Girl Scout Cookie and found 24% of participants preferred these crispy wafers covered in chocolate and flavored with mint. This poll drilled down a little deeper to reveal that women were bigger fans of this cookie than men, with 28% of women picking Thin Mints as their favorite cookie to nosh on, compared to 20% of men.

But Thin Mints aren't the only cookings getting some love. Tagalongs and the newest cookie  – Adventurefuls, which look like the perfect two-bite brownie, ranked second and third, respectively in Google searches. Google also shared with The Takeout that people have been researching how they can get Girl Scout Cookies delivered with DoorDash. This apparently will be an option beginning in February, per Food & Wine Magazine, so regardless of which Girl Scout cookie you are jonesing for, you can have your favorite delivered right to your door.