International Delight Is Pulling A Willy Wonka With These Creamers

Coffee has come a long way, baby. Unless you're a boomer or beyond (beyonder?) you are probably unaware of a time when the options for partaking of a cup of joe were pretty much black and "regular" (with cream and sugar in New England, per And "cream" meant just that: cream. Carnation's Coffee-mate non-dairy creamer was launched in 1961, according to Americano Goodies, and purchased by Nestlé in 1985 (via Nestlé's About page). The company started selling Starbucks coffee creamers in 2019 (via the Nestlé website) and leads the pack in the creamer arena, with $360 million in sales annually, per Statista. International Delight is the second leading flavored coffee creamer brand, with $158 million in sales, despite having been, according to its website, the first company to start selling "flavored, liquid non-dairy creamers" in 1980. It entered the market with just three flavors. Can you imagine?

Today's coffeescape is a veritable carnival of creations. "Younger" coffee drinkers (those who probably don't know anyone who was at Woodstock), are riding the specialty coffee wave that began in the '60s, per PBS. According to Daniel Jhung, president of Nestlé's beverage division, they aren't black coffee drinkers but really more into the "coffee milkshake" vibe, as reported by Wall Street Journal. International Delight's latest foray into the fun and flavorful realm of coffee creamers is a Willy Wonka-inspired concoction that surely springs from a world of pure imagination, and boasts a Wonka-esque twist to boot.

Make it a golden day

About 400 million cups of coffee are consumed in America each day, according to Coffee or Die, and most (79% according to a 2019 Conagra Brands press release published by PR Newswire) are some kind of souped-up Java creation. International Delight has added Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudgy Caramel coffee creamer to the plethora of choices for the coffee concoction creators out there, and the fudge-and-caramel creamer aims to turn your dreary day into a golden one. If the Wonka-inspired blast of yumminess isn't enough to ensure a golden day, perhaps the prospect of a golden ticket will be. That's right – 10 of the Wonka Whipple creamer bottles sold in the US will feature a golden ticket. How fun is that?

Winning an International Delight golden ticket won't get you a chocolate factory, but it does come with some pretty cool perks, per Brand Eating. The 10 lucky winners will receive a prize kit that includes a year's supply of International Delight coffee creamer, an Alex + Ani bracelet "with signature Willy Wonka charms," a cool coffee tumbler, and a 4K Ultra HD copy of the beloved classic, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Winning the golden ticket could send you into coffee creamer heaven, but just partaking of the dreamy coffee creamer might just be prize enough. Here's to a Wonka coffee and starting your day in a "happily ever after" way.