This TikTok Cookie Hack Is Perfect For Creme Brulee Lovers

What is there not to love about sugar cookies? They may not be the most popular cookie in the country — that honor, according to Biscuit People, goes to the classic chocolate chip – but they hit a particular craving. Even though they rank close to the bottom of the country's top 15 favorite cookie flavors, sugar cookies are great because they make the perfect clean slate on which to execute whatever design might fit your need or fancy. 

This brings us to a TikTok-approved sugar cookie hack made up of just three ingredients, which is guaranteed to make your heart sing, particularly if you're a sugar cookie fan and a creme brulee fan. All you'll need is a package of sugar cookie dough, sugar, and a packet of vanilla pudding mix, as well as a kitchen torch — the kind that you'd use to make a real creme brulee with — and we're ready to go. 

This simple hack turns sugar cookies into creme brulee-inspired treats

This creative way to make sugar cookies involves preparing the sweet treats according to the instructions on the package — but when they're done, don't wait for them to cool down. Instead, create a small crater by gently pressing down in the middle of the cookie with a small spoon to make room for what comes next (via TikTok).

Then, spoon the vanilla pudding — also prepared to the package's instructions — into the heart of your sugar cookie. Once the craters have been filled, you'll want to get the cookie ready for the penultimate step by pouring sugar on top of the vanilla pudding-filled crater. The recipe's creator says it is best not to be stingy with the sugar at this time, particularly having a free hand with the sugar will also allow you to create the crackling crystal surface that creme brulee is known for (via Allrecipes). And once your sugar is spread on top of the creme brulee, it's time to flame that puppy with a kitchen torch, so you encase the vanilla pudding under a layer of crisp, crackling, solidified sugar. 

While this recipe works best with sugar cookies, Allrecipes says you're good to use this method to create crackling sugar-topped chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread, or snickerdoodles too.