Here's How Padma Lakshmi Makes Her Tea Every Morning

If you're a fan of Padma Lakshmi, you might know that she loves tea. In fact, she drinks a massive amount of tea each day! There are so many kinds of tea to choose from, and if you're an aspiring tea drinker and don't know where to start, you can try Lakshmi's morning tea routine.

The celebrity chef revealed on Twitter that she uses a teabag to make her everyday cup of tea, and she linked a TikTok video that details exactly what she adds to this cup. In the TikTok, she shows her morning tea of choice, a masala spiced tea from Wagh Bakri, which is a type of chai tea. She adds milk and honey to her tea, which she points out is from her own garden but shares that store-bought is also fine. If you're looking to snag the same tea as Lakshmi, she wrote in the video that she usually gets hers from Patel Brothers.

Padma Lakshmi's morning tea routine sparks opposing opinions

With 85 shares, 2383 likes, and 49,600 views, masala tea is certainly having its day, but it looks like Padma Lakshmi isn't the only one who drinks this type of tea. In the comments of her post you'll find many in agreement that this tea is tops. Fans write, "Been drinking this tea for years!" and "I recently tasted this tea, I loved it." Some others gushed over Lakshmi's kettle, which makes a harmonica-like sound instead of a high-pitched screech, asking where they can purchase it.

Some TikTok users, however, mentioned that loose leaf tea was better than making a cup with a teabag. Although some comments seemed pleasant enough, others did come across a bit hostile including " we don't expect you to take shortcuts. Make actual tea with loose leaves." Lakshmi responded by saying she previously posted a video demonstration on how she makes the masala chai with loose leaves. Since mornings can get busy quickly, using a teabag can make things easier and still give you the little boost of caffeine to start your day off right.  

In addition to tea, Lakshmi does eat breakfast, which sometimes includes a boiled egg with hot sauce, a piece of sourdough toast, and one grapefruit.