Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Try These Double Chocolate Belgian Waffles

Aldi really knows how to tempt their loyal fan base with its product offerings. The economically friendly grocer took to Instagram to share photos of some of their favorite sweet and delicious finds, leaving their followers longing for a box of double chocolate Belgian waffles that might be too good to pass up. Let's face it, the frozen treat can be the ultimate go-to when there is no time in the morning to make breakfast, a nice snack for the kids when they come home from school, or a sweet dessert topped off with fruit and whipped cream after a light dinner. They really are convenient and satisfying. 

In fact, Statista used data from the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey to determine that 163.89 million Americans ate frozen waffles, pancakes, or French toast in 2020 alone. Perhaps, these numbers speak to why so many of Aldi's followers are crushing and gushing over the easy-to-make product. The grocer's Instagram followers are clicking and clacking in the comments and craving a meal with these frozen waffles as the star.

There are 6 in a package

Aldi USA posted a photo round-up on Instagram, showcasing some of the sweet offerings. The caption read, "Need a little pick me up? Sweeten up your week with these #ALDIFinds!" The post has close to 5k likes and a lot of chatter about the products. Clearly, the waffles in this photo montage were the winner of the post with one fan tagging friends and typing, "I'm down for a waffle night." Another fan replied, "They are good. Went back and purchase another box yesterday." Yet another offered, "Those waffles are yummy — I had one for breakfast today!"

What makes them so yummy? The packaging says it all, and describes these frozen sweets as "thick and fluffy" and made with real chocolate chips (via Aldi). There are only six in a package though, so you might want to stock up if you are feeding young kids, teenagers, or anyone with a sweet tooth. Aldi also shared photos of their heart-shaped lava cakes, Friendly Farms Strawberry and Caramel Whipped Topping, and some red velvet creme cookies. The sugar sirens are definitely working overtime on this post. The Instagrammer who wrote, "Gimme all of it please!" probably best summed up the mood.