Ree Drummond Is A Huge Fan Of This Sweet Treat

Ree Drummond is a huge fan of sweets, period. Not one to skimp on sweetness, she confessed on her Pioneer Woman blog in 2015, "I like food and am unwilling to deny myself anything delicious at this time in my life." She has a long list of favorite sweet treats, too. For the holidays, Drummond is partial to her pumpkin cake roll. She also apparently has a thing for pecan pie, as well as tiramisu (or anything coffee-flavored) and blackberry cheesecake squares. While her Marlboro Man partner is admittedly partial to chocolate cake, per an Instagram post she shared in 2020, Drummond's personal favorite cake is Tres Leches.

One of Drummond's favorite desserts, though, is a simple treat that doesn't always get as much attention as those fancier options. Sometimes, you just want a good, old-fashioned, handheld baked good — and if that's what you're after, Drummond has just the thing.

Ree Drummond digs doughnuts

One sweet treat Ree Drummond adores is the good old doughnut. In a 2010 donut recipe, Drummond wrote, "Doughnuts are exciting. They thrill me to the bone." She went on to add, "Making good, raised doughnuts at home is not as easy as you'd think." And by "good," she means "not just a fat, bready wad of fried dough with a sweet glaze, but a delicate, light ring of love with a slightly crispy surface and a wonderful flavor." Who wouldn't love to be able to conjure up such yumminess?

The Dutch are credited with bringing these delightful delicacies to the rest of us. When they first started frying dough, their "olykoeks," or oil cakes, were stuffed with fruit and/or nuts, as the frying process typically left the center uncooked, per The Spruce Eats. In 1847, American ship captain Hansen Gregory apparently had the brilliant idea of simply punching a whole in the center of the dough, so we Yanks can take at least partial credit for the finished product. The Chicago World's Fair of 1934 featured the doughnut, calling it "the food hit of the Century of Progress."

Drummond isn't the only celebrity who digs doughnuts, either. Giselle Bündchen, Kim K, Chrissy Teigen, and Ben Affleck have all been sighted partaking in the gooey-good treats, per Us Magazine. And Beyonce once celebrated her birthday with a cake made entirely of doughnuts. Clearly, Drummond is in good company.