P.F. Chang's Dropped A Specialty Cocktail For Lunar New Year

Every year, as people celebrate the Lunar New Year, the table becomes filled with traditional foods, festive décor, and even a few spirited beverages. For P.F. Chang's, it's also a holiday to celebrate the restaurant's heritage. And since founder Philip Chiang's mother "is credited with being the first to bring traditional Chinese cuisine to America" (per the official website), the table is filled with a bounty of traditional dishes as well as the restaurant's iconic items. Lunar New Year 2022 celebrates the Year of the Tiger, the king of all beasts believed to embody strength, says History.com. In honor of the tiger, P.F. Chang's is shaking up a special cocktail that appears to be a quite potent potable.

Called "Iwai of the Tiger" (Iwai is a Japanese word loosely translated to celebration), the drink features Mars Iwai 45 Japanese Whisky, green tea agave, elderflower liqueur, pineapple, lemon, and fresh mint, and it's available now through April 19 at P.F. Chang's locations. InsideHook.com asserts that the flavors of refreshing mint and menthol in Mars Iwai 45 Japanese Whisky makes it a smart choice in a cocktail. As seen in this libation, the blend of the earthiness from the green tea, the tropical notes from the pineapple, and the herbaceous qualities from the elderflower make for a well-balanced drink.

Although not fully explained in the company's statement nor seen on socials, P.F. Chang's also mentions that the Iwai of the Tiger drink features "augmented reality technology" which brings the tiger to life. Whether or not it pounces on the cocktail or wraps its tail around the glass remains to be seen. Just be cautious because, like the strength of the tiger, it is a sipper that packs a punch.

The P.F. Chang's dishes that are perfect for the Lunar New Year

While P.F. Chang's might be known for its iconic lettuce wraps, the restaurant menu has a plethora of food choices that can really bring on the "luck" for the Lunar New Year. Looking at tradition, certain styles of dishes are meant to convey good fortune, happiness, and even wealth. Since it is the Year of the Tiger, P.F. Chang's recommends the Fire-Braised Short Ribs. The tender short rib dish is served on a bed of pineapple rice, and the combination of a savory glaze with a touch of sweetness from the pineapple in particular makes it a delightful pairing with the celebratory Iwai of the Tiger speciality cocktail.

P.F. Chang's menu also allows guests to ring in the Lunar New Year with "lucky" classic dishes that symbolize good fortune. These items include Handmade Pork Dumplings to represent wealth, Vegetable Lo Mein Noodles to encourage happiness and longevity, and the Oolong Chilean Seabass and Sushi Rolls to welcome prosperity. These menu options are available for guests to enjoy through dine-in and to-go. P.F. Chang's also offers catering options for Lunar New Year celebrations at home. So eat up and enjoy, and may the tiger leap into a year filled with good luck and prosperity.