Aldi's Melyn Watermelon Drink Has Customers Divided

Usually, Aldi products are a hit with their loyal customers. From marbled beef to succulents that are sure to brighten up your kitchen, Aldi fans are quick to praise items that they love on social media. On the flip side, when customers find something they don't like, they're also quick to share their thoughts and warn the next shopper.

Recently on Reddit, one user posted on the Aldi subreddit about their Melyn watermelon drink, and they were certainly not pleased with this product. In the caption, they wrote, "Literally never try this it tastes like the way pumpkins smell when you gut them during Halloween." According to the Melyn brand website, the drink is meant to be watermelon juice with a splash of lemon and can be used in a variety of cocktails, smoothies, or other beverages. However, it seems like this isn't the case for some Aldi shoppers. Though some shoppers enjoyed this drink, the watermelon beverage looks to be one of the store's more polarizing items, and customers have different opinions on whether this is worth adding to your cart.

What are other Aldi customers saying about this watermelon drink?

The original poster certainly isn't alone in their thoughts about the Melyn watermelon drink. Others shared similar thoughts on how the beverage tasted like a spoiled pumpkin in the Reddit comments. One Redditor said, "I can't say I've ever "savored" a gutted pumpkin, but this was vile tasting. Not watermelon, not lemon. Wound up pouring it down the drain."

For anyone who already has the drink and doesn't want it to go to waste, here's a suggestion from another Redditor: "I liked it cold, but it was disgusting warm. I'd recommend putting it in the freezer until it gets slushy." Though this seemed to work for one person, there's some division on this as well — another poster claimed that it still tasted like rotting pumpkins cold.

While there are some harsh reviews, a couple of fans of the drink pipped up in the comments, with one person saying, "Hard disagree. I LOVE IT. Bought a bunch; more for me!" Another Reddit user said that their child liked it, so if you're loving this drink, you're not alone. But not all watermelon drinks from Aldi create this much controversy, though it'll likely be easier to find watermelon drinks in the warmer months. Keep an eye out for similar products they've had in the past, like watermelon mint lemonade.