Alex Guarnaschelli's 'Zen' Take On Broccoli Has Instagram Laughing

Before Alex Guarnaschelli aka ICAG ("Iron Chef" Alex Guarnaschelli) brought her cooking skills and warm personality to the Food Network, she worked at world-renowned restaurants like Guy Savoy and Butte Chaillot in Paris (via Food Network). Her classical French training has made her a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen, leading her to win "The Next Iron Chef: Redemption" in 2012, and even now, she competes against the best chefs in the country on her new show "Alex vs. America." 

In contrast, from 2009 to 2011, she hosted "Alex's Day Off," which featured the dishes she enjoyed cooking at home the most, outside of a hyper-competitive setting. There was a relaxing and soothing feel to the show as she would gently guide you through the cooking and plating. "Alex's Day Off" showcased her warmth and hospitality as well, which is on full display when she judges on "Beat Bobby Flay." She is definitely all about joking around with Flay and brings that same humor to her social media, which is a great combination of memes and cooking tips. When you scroll through her Instagram, you will see photos of her and fellow celebrity chefs alongside comics from the New Yorker, and food memes, like this recent one she posted about broccoli.

Fans jokingly agreed that broccoli is the key to spiritual enlightenment

If you've ever watched Alex Guarnaschelli on "Chopped," you probably think of her as a stern and serious judge, but her Instagram gives more insight into her sense of humor, with helpful cooking tips woven in ... occasionally. She recently posted a relatable meme about how accomplished we all feel after eating one piece of broccoli. ICAG captioned the photo, "This makes me giggle," and her fans clearly felt the same way. 

The comments have been filled with laughing emojis, people commending the accuracy of the meme, and even suggesting statements that the image failed to include. "Well if that's not the truth," said one user, while fellow Food Network chef Sunny Anderson commented, "Ummmm they left one thing out of this meme ... tha toots." Other users agreed with Sunny, saying things like, "It's all about the cleanse," and, "Mine would be 'please don't fart.'" Gassiness aside, we can all agree that eating even the smallest quantity of vegetables makes us feel accomplished, so thank you, ICAG, for uniting us in the name of health and wellness.