Fans Are Heartbroken About This Missing Dunkin' Valentine's Day Flavor

Dunkin' may not be entering the month of love on as much of a high note as expected. In anticipation of Valentine's Day, the coffee and donut chain issued a press release announcing the return of some popular Dunkin' Valentine's Day treats. The company also shared the news on social media, posting an Instagram video that shows someone opening a box to reveal an assortment of Valentine's-themed donuts. The caption reads, "The Valentine's Day donuts are BACK with fan favorites Brownie Batter and Cupid's Choice."

Some fans may have been happy to hear about the chain's returning donuts — the first with chocolate frosting and brownie batter filling and the second with strawberry icing and Bavarian Kreme. Many others, however, were displeased with the news because they noticed something missing from the Valentine's menu. "WHERES THE PINK VELVET MACCHIATO," one commenter shrieked. Another wrote, "My heart is broken without the pink velvet." Several similar comments express disappointment that Dunkin' is not bringing back its Pink Velvet Macchiato this year. A press release from 2021 describes the coffee drink as combining the flavors of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting into a macchiato.

Dunkin' has gotten "boring," some fans say

Disappointment from Dunkin' fans continues to pour in on the chain's Instagram post, with one saying the Pink Velvet Macchiato was "superior to any other flavor" served at Dunkin'. Fans aren't only unhappy about the missing coffee drink, though: They're also unimpressed with the chain's spring menu. One commenter wrote, "No pink velvet this year, and the spring menu sucks too. @dunkin y'all are starting to get boring." 

Reddit users recently shared similar sentiments; Dunkin's spring 2022 menu was leaked, and many fans called it boring. Several users complained about the hazelnut swirl coffee drink being discontinued, while many found the drinks slated to replace it to be rather uninspiring. One person said, "dunkin on a roll lately... with being boring af." A similar comment reads, "​​Dunkin is getting boring... nothing exciting about this new menu." Valentine's Day is going to cost more this year, and it sounds like some of these people will not be spending their holiday budget at Dunkin'.