Steakhouses That Are Going To Be Everywhere In 2022

There's nothing quite like biting into a perfectly cooked steak. From the soft and buttery filet mignon to the marbled and succulent ribeye and all the different cuts in between, treating yourself to a great steak always feels celebratory. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you're choosing a steakhouse to spend some of your hard-earned money on: What cut are you looking for and which sides do you prefer? Do you want to go somewhere a little fancier with a higher price tag and a dress code — or would you rather go somewhere less formal but nearly just as delish? 

No matter what you decide, you're likely to want to go somewhere relatively nearby that you can count on. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of some well-known and far-flung steakhouses that are going to be everywhere in 2022. These expanding chains are sure to satisfy your cravings for deliciously roasted red meat.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is one of the biggest and most successful steakhouse chains in the country and it's easy to see why. Their sides are made from scratch, their freshly baked bread comes with honey cinnamon butter, and their USDA Choice steaks are hand-trimmed by their in-house butchers. Offering savory starters like their legendary golden-fried onion blossom, eight different steak entrees, and classic desserts like homestyle apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, Texas Roadhouse clearly takes pride in every dish that comes out of their kitchen.

With around 600 restaurants located in the United States and beyond with more expansions on the horizon, you can definitely expect to see new Texas Roadhouse locations in the future. Texas Roadhouse has announced plans for expansions all across the country. Some of these plans include spots in Spring Hill and North Knoxville in Tennessee, a new location in the Castle Pines/Castle Rock area of Colorado, and an opening slated for March 2022 on the Golden Strip in Northern Pennsylvania. Beyond this, Texas Roadhouse is also arranging for an opening this fall at River City Marketplace in Jacksonville, Florida, a new location in Aurora, Illinois, a spot in Charleston, West Virginia, and a new proposal in the works for a restaurant in Oak Creek up in Wisconsin.

LongHorn Steakhouse

In an almost clairvoyant premonition, LongHorn Steakhouse had the fortuitous instinct to tighten up its operations and slim down its menu right before the pandemic shook the restaurant industry. By evolving to become more operationally nimble and focusing on elevating the quality of its food, LongHorn Steakhouse set itself up for sustained success. LongHorn always grills up fresh steaks that are perfectly seasoned, and with nearly 10 different cuts to select from, there's certainly no shortage of choices. Some other popular favorites at LongHorn Steakhouse include their succulent white cheddar stuffed mushrooms, decadent parmesan-crusted chicken, and famously rich molten lava cake.

LongHorn Steakhouse has over 500 locations around the United States and is poised for even further growth. One of LongHorn Steakhouse's new locations is being planned for Sioux Falls at Empire Place, another at The Highlands in West Virginia, and a third spot across from Duck Pond in Temecula, California. With a tasty menu and some ambitious new locations planned, we have every reason to believe that LongHorn Steakhouse will keep growing through 2022.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

With 20 locations worldwide and plans for expansion into some new territory, Wolfgang's Steakhouse is a well-respected chain with a more pared-down and sophisticated menu than some of its competitors. Owner Wolfgang Zwiener dry-ages his steakhouse's USDA Prime beef in cold lockers at each of his restaurants. Wolfgang's also cooks its dry-aged steaks in a 1600 F broiler that chars the exterior of the beef and keeps the whole cut piping hot until it reaches your plate. Reading over the menu at Wolfgang's Steakhouse is enough to make your mouth water: filet mignon in a mushroom demi-glace, a Cajun-seasoned ribeye, and seared yellowfin tuna with asparagus and wasabi are just a few of the dishes the chefs are ready to whip up to order.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse has its eyes on the future with plans to bring its refined brand of tender dry-aged beef to more of the masses. Earlier this year, Wolfgang's opened up a new location in Boston, a project that was years in the making. In an interview with Dining Out, Wolfgang Steakhouse's executive chef Diego Pacurucu revealed that the restaurant also has plans for an expansion at their Waikiki location.

Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine Bar may be a bit more upscale than some of the other steakhouses on this list, but the exceptional quality of the food and its remarkably attentive service make the slightly higher prices well worth it. One way Fleming's sets itself apart from the pack is by offering a range of signature butter spreads, including béarnaise, smoked chili, and herbed horseradish. Any of these delicious signature butters can be paired with their classic and specialty cuts of steak to coat the premium beef in an extra luxurious layer of flavor. Fleming's is also smart enough to keep its eyes on current trends. Noticing that more diners are looking for plant-based options, it also offers a chickpea and eggplant croquette entrée that comes with roasted cauliflower steak, arugula, Campari tomatoes, and romesco sauce.

If that's fired up your appetite, you're in luck: Fleming's has almost 70 restaurants located across the U.S. with plans for opening more locations soon. David Deno, CEO of Bloomin' Brands (the parent company of Fleming's) says that he sees opportunities for Fleming's to grow in Florida and California (via Tampa Bay Business Journal). Construction on a new location near Tampa International Airport is scheduled to begin sometime this year.

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House has made a name for itself through their excellently prepared steaks and top-notch service. The high-end chain offers multiple cuts of UDSA Prime beef that come searing hot on a 500 F plate to ensure your steak is sizzling when it reaches your table. The appetizer menu at Ruth's Chris Steak House features lots of fresh seafood, with offerings like ahi tuna in a soy ginger sesame sauce, lump crab cakes in lemon butter, and large shrimp sautéed in white wine, garlic butter, and barbecue spices. If you're looking for a high-quality surf-and-turf experience, Ruth's Chris offers a two entrées that pair their Prime beef with shrimp or lobster. 

The restaurant also offer entrée complements that you can add to the main steak plates, including North Atlantic lobster tail with drawn butter and crab cakes with béarnaise sauce. With such a rich, flavorful menu that's so skillfully prepared, it's no wonder that Ruth's Chris Steak House now boasts more than 150 locations worldwide and have plans for expansions in Long Island and in Iowa.

Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão is a Brazilian steakhouse that's become famous for specializing in churrasco. The South American style of barbecue is akin to a much fancier version of shish kabobs: High quality cuts of meat are carefully pierced through long skewers, expertly grilled, sliced directly from the skewer onto your plate, and typically paired with chimichurri sauce. The menu at Fogo de Chão features over a dozen cuts of meat including bacon-wrapped steak, sirloin, and spicy pork sausage. Diners also have the option to add premium cuts of steak like Wagyu ribeye.

The founding brothers of Fogo de Chão grew up on a farm in Southern Brazil and went through churrasqueiro training in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, opening their first location in Porto Alegre in 1979. Fogo de Chão now has over 60 locations worldwide. According to FSR magazine, eight to 10 additional corporate stores and one or two international restaurants are planned for 2022 with a goal of expanding beyond 300 restaurants over the next 20 years.  


Benihana opened America's first teppanyaki restaurant in 1964. According to Benihana, teppanyaki grilling "involves using an iron griddle with a flat, solid surface to prepare food in restaurants in front of guests." The restaurant offers filet mignon, New York strip steak, and beef tenderloin prepared lightly-seasoned or coated in homemade teriyaki sauce. Aside from beef, Benihana has a lot of other menu items to choose from, including grilled chicken, colossal shrimp, lobster tail, tender scallops, and a variety of sushi rolls. Grilled dishes are prepared by trained chefs who turn food preparation into performance art, with tricks like turning stacks of grilled onions into flaming volcanoes using canola oil and Japanese kerosene.

Benihana now has nearly 80 locations in the U.S. and abroad with more plans in the works for new locations. In a 2021 press release,  Benihana CEO and president Tom Baldwin reveals  "We are working on several new locations for our Benihana and RA Sushi brands throughout the U.S. These are exciting times for our company as we aggressively pursue many new growth opportunities." Some of these expansions will include a new location in Texas and another in London.

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is a steakhouse chain that offers up exceptional cuts of beef that are dry-aged anywhere from 18-24 days and then trimmed by their in-house butchers at each of their locations. They offer a wide range of menu items such as classic soups like New England clam chowder and lobster bisque; luxurious sandwiches including a handheld feast that features ribeye, caramelized onions, and Havarti cheese on grilled French bread; and a few different cuts of steak, such as bone-in ribeye, New York strip, and filet mignon. The Capital Grille also has wonderful seafood entrées including sushi grade seared sesame tuna, citrus-glazed salmon, and pan-seared sea bass in miso butter.

The Capital Grille opened up its first location at Union Station in Providence, Rhode Island in 1990. The steakhouse chain now has over 60 locations scattered across the United States and around the world with plans for continued expansion, including debuts in Utah and Kentucky. But if you want to check out their top notch steaks from the comfort of your own home, you're in luck: the Capital Grille offers "grille boxes" on their website so that diners can order their steaks for delivery.

Sullivan's Steakhouse

Sullivan's is a classic steakhouse dedicated to creating a memorable experience for its diners by offering outstanding food and live jazz artists to create an intimate yet lively atmosphere. The steak on the menu at Sullivan's is divided into two sections: bone-in and house-cut. Diners have their choice of three different steaks in each section, including items like a bone-in ribeye cowboy cut and filet mignon. Sullivan's has an eclectic appetizer menu that features uniquely delicious dishes like cheesesteak eggrolls made with filet mignon and smoked pork belly medallions in a sweet barbecue glaze with tomato relish. It also features a prix fixe menu with several items like lobster bisque, different steaks and sides including Prime New York strip with garlic mashed potatoes, and a choice of three different desserts such as key lime pie.

Sullivan's has 15 locations that stretch across the country from coast-to-coast and it has plans for expansion. Sullivan's CEO Nishant Machado also tells FSR magazine that "three more restaurants are in the pipeline and slated to open in 2022." That includes the chain's first location in Arkansas.  

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk is a cut above your average chain with high quality food created by executive chef Matt McMillin and an extensive wine list curated by Master Sommelier Emily Wines. Although the restaurant isn't necessarily a traditional steakhouse, its menu still offers some of the best high-quality grilled beef you'll encounter, like their Prime chimichurri-rubbed skirt steak and a trio of beef medallions that come crusted in parmesan, coated with horseradish, and topped with bleu cheese. Cooper's Hawk also features a special Valentine's Day menu that includes dishes like filet medallions with lobster gratin and Prime carne asada tacos. Each dish comes with a recommended wine pairing.

Cooper's Hawk has over 40 locations and has plans to keep growing. Construction has already begun on a new spot in Illinois that is slated to open by the end of the year. Additionally, there are plans for a location in Arizona, and the chain is breaking ground on its second location in St. Louis, Missouri with an opening date set for later in 2022.