Sunny Anderson's Self-Care Sunday Post Had Fans Giggling

Sunny Anderson, one of the co-hosts of Food Network's "The Kitchen," seems to lead a busy life. Not only does she have a packed TV shooting schedule to contend with, but she also has five rescue dogs and three rescue cats to take care of, which any pet owner can tell you is a huge amount of responsibility. So, it makes sense that Anderson would take some time for self-care, too. This past weekend, the culinary star shared a post on Instagram in honor of #SelfCareSunday. And her co-host on "The Kitchen," Alex Guarnaschelli, also just made a self-care meme post too, so it seems like the colleagues definitely have this important practice on their minds.  

In Anderson's Instagram video, you see her wearing a sheet mask, and the audio that plays in the background says, "Any girl with an attitude problem can do this." As the beat comes in, Anderson can be seen giving side-eye and rolling her eyes in time to the music. But, for fans that might have thought she was trying to express annoyance, Anderson captioned the post, "Took me a minute to get my attitude up ... I'm happy, I promise." 

Many fans including Bobby Flay loved Anderson's post

Sunny Anderson's latest Instagram video had fans giggling up a storm in the comments section. And the TV host was probably delighted that her ultimate crush, Bobby Flay, even left a comment on her post. "I love this look," he joked, to which Anderson replied, while poking fun at him, "Don't start none ... won't be none, Bobby ... you wearing an ill-fittin' hat today or nah?" followed by some crying-while-laughing emojis. (It's not the first time Anderson has teased Flay for his hat choices).

"I love your happy sweet spirit. Truly you inspire me and many others," one fan also commented. Many others told Anderson that she was missed on the most recent episode of "The Kitchen," which she couldn't film due to a family emergency. "Missed you yesterday. Hope your family emergency is okay now," said another follower. Overall, fans seemed to be offering loving support and appreciation for the star's silly ways, like one who summed it up perfectly: "I love how you interact with your followers."