Trader Joe's Shoppers 'Can't Eat Just One' Of These Raspberry Heart Cookies

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and while that can mean making dinner reservations and getting all dressed up for a big night out, it can also be the perfect time to enjoy a cozy night at home. There's something about cuddling up with your loved one and enjoying your favorite sweet Valentine's snacks that just sounds appealing. And this year, Trader Joe's has a wide variety of specialty treats that are sure to sweeten up your holiday however you spend it.

The romantic Raspberry Heart Cookies are an eye-catcher that has amassed rave reviews and are selling for just $4.99. The popular Instagram account, @traderjoeslist, told its followers "I've received lots and lots of messages that these are phenomenal. Someone even said they're usually not into cookies like these, but they tried one, then proceeded to eat the entire row." 

Fellow Trader Joe's fans were quick to agree that these heart-shaped shortbread cookies, which are sweetened with a jam center, are a "must buy." "These are by far my favorite seasonal item from TJs, kicking myself for not grabbing two boxes," one user posted, while another called the cookies "My favorite!!!" admitting they "Can't eat just one." 

Trader Joe's has a wide selection of tasty and affordable Valentine's Day treats

While these Raspberry Heart Cookies are definitely a fan-favorite, Trader Joe's also has many other sweet Valentine's Day offerings. As an added benefit, quite a few of Trader Joe's Valentine's Day products are under $10, making it a great place to grab treats that are both adorable and affordable. As Eating Well reports, they have a wide variety of low-cost gifts that can satisfy nearly anyone, even your furry Valentine. 

This year, you can surprise your loved one with a sweet box of Heart-Shaped Macarons or a package of decadent Cocoa Truffles for just $2.99. If you're not into sweets, they have other romantic gift alternatives, like a vibrant red Potted Begonia, or an indulgent all-natural Lavender Salt Scrub. Of course, you don't want to let this holiday pass without showing love for your loyal furry friend, and Trader Joe's has you covered with heart-shaped Grain Free Mint Flavor Dog Treats. 

No matter how you feel like celebrating the holiday, it's quite possible that Trader Joe's has something on its shelves to help make the occasion a little extra special. And based on the social media responses, it looks like many folks will be picking up a box of the Raspberry Heart Cookies.