Keebler's Newest Fudge Stripes Flavor Supports A Great Cause

In the imaginary universe where the Keebler Elves live and work, baking cookies in their magical ovens, there's no such thing as a broken supply chain. Unlike the real world, what Ernie the Elf and his crew have going in their favor is a labor supply that never quits. Ernie himself has been on the job every day since 1970, according to Ferrara, Keebler's parent company (via PR Newswire). And his crew members? Same. What's even more impressive is how busy they've been of late.

In addition to creating a new dunkable Fudge Stripes cookie and a Valentine's Day-themed Fudge Stripes cookie featuring strawberry-flavored shortbread cookies, Keebler has announced that it has partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a special cause. The goal is to raise a quarter of a million dollars to help the Foundation grant the wishes of seriously ill children. But that's not the only way those elves will make children, and all cookie fans, a little happier. In connection with the Make-A-Wish Foundation's cause, Keebler has created its newest Fudge Stripes flavor, which is, itself, a cause for celebration.

Keebler introduces Celebration Cake Fudge Stripes

In a press release obtained by Mashed, starting in February, you can purchase the Keebler limited edition Fudge Stripes cookies, called, "Celebration Cake." This new flavor, which was created in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation specifically for the current partnership, is intended to both celebrate and support Wish Kids across the country.

The Celebration Cake cookies have a star-shaped middle and instead of chocolate fudge stripes, they're drizzled with blue vanilla fudge. The cookies have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3.99, and for each package sold, Keebler will be donating $0.25, up to the sum of $250,000, to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

This is not the first time that Keebler has partnered with Make-A-Wish to help raise funds for the kids (via the Make-A-Wish). They also did so last year around this time and in 2020 as well. However, this 2022 campaign is the first for which a special cookie flavor was created to help raise interest, as well as money, for this cause.