Twitter Is Cheering The Return Of The Budweiser Clydesdale

Nothing says Super Bowl Sunday like the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and the annual commercial the brand produces starring the magnificent animals. This Super Bowl LVI ad was no different and has Twitter cheering the Clydesdale's emotional comeback. The famous horses first made their debut in 1975, and since then viewers have seen some incredible storytelling in these ads. This year's commercial is no different. The narrative is told through images and music, with a song scored for this Budweiser commercial by Gary Clark Jr. The story depicts that even the biggest and strongest can have setbacks, yet the comeback can be back better than ever (via YouTube). 

The commercial is titled "A Clydesdale's Journey," and initially, it may be difficult to watch as viewers see a Clydesdale become injured in a failed jump over a barbed-wire fence. But the horse rises again with the support of his faithful, furry friend, Eddie the labrador. The commercial's ending is a happy one, as the Clydesdale is seen galloping freely and triumphantly through a field. And naturally, Twitter is right there rooting for the horse, expressing the love and enthusiasm within its posts.

The Budweiser Super Bowl commercial has viewers feeling emotional

Many Super Bowl watchers were happily snacking their way through the day waiting for the big game, the halftime show, and of course, the commercials. Twitter users shared their own experiences, with one fan writing, "Been waiting all day for the @budweiserusa #Clydesdale commercial." 

Once it aired, the Twitterverse got to work, with one user proclaiming, "This was by far the best commercial during Super Bowl. Sad that we had to wait until almost the end to see it." Another shared, "Loved the commercials tonight. Heart wrenching Budweiser and its iconic Clydesdale horse."

Commercials are one of the highlights of the Championship NFL game, and according to Water Bear Marketing, a 2020 survey found 71% of viewers "enjoy" watching the commercials. What might be even more fascinating is the amount of time we spend watching these ads after the game. In 2019, we spent an eye-popping 641,000 hours on Youtube just watching Super Bowl commercials post-game. 

But to be fair, the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials may be the best, and the Clydesdale only makes its way to TV once a year. This Twitter post pretty much sums up why many will be rewatching the Clydesdale ad: "Such a powerful and emotional commercial for someone who loves #clydesdale horses and #dogs #BestBuds #SuperBowlCommercials."