Mary J. Blige's Favorite Desserts Are Sweet And Simple

Grammy-winning singer Mary J. Blige's go-to desserts are about as sweet as her Super Bowl LVI halftime performance, which had many of us dancing in our seats. Whether you watched the show at SoFi Stadium or at home on the couch, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul may have had you wishing you were part of the California house party that also featured Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem (via NFL). This past Sunday, food celebrities took the time to praise the performance online. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli shouted out Blige on Instagram, for example, prompting Sunny Anderson to enthusiastically comment, "SHE KILLED IT. BAWWWDY AWWWDY AWWWDY 4 DAYS. MOVES." 

In order to prepare for several minutes of intense singing and dancing on stage, Blige focuses a lot of time and energy on staying healthy, she revealed to Health. The artist frequently exercises by weight-lifting, and she eats vegetables and protein every day. Blige also shared that she gives in to the sweet siren song of sugary temptation from time to time, and her favorite treats are so simple and relatable.   

Blige loves ice cream, Coke, and cupcakes

According to Health, Blige drinks a green juice every day — just like Snoop's bestie, Martha Stewart. Consuming plenty of greens isn't a chore for Blige, as she said, "I've been a vegetable eater since I was a kid." Nevertheless, when the singer-songwriter is in the mood for dessert, it's all about "vanilla ice cream and Coke. Or a fudge cupcake." It's unclear if she enjoys the first two treats separately or together as an ice cream float, but most would agree that either way sounds delicious. Plus, who doesn't like to go in on a fudge cupcake when the occasion strikes?

It seems that balance is an important pillar of Blige's dietary philosophy, while her overall health is one of her strongest values. Explaining why she recently participated in an advertising campaign for a women's health screening service, she told People, "My health is my everything. Without my health I can't do anything."