Why Gordon Ramsay Made A Shake For The Chicago Bulls Mascot

When it comes to sports, Gordon Ramsay may not be the first name that comes to mind. But, the star chef is certainly a big fan — even recently giving a shoutout to this NFL team. And the man who has said that "cooking is like sports" (via La Prensa Latina) almost even became a professional soccer player (or football as it is known where he is from). Yet, Ramsay's place is usually not on the field or a court but in the kitchen where he works up just as much of a mean sweat. 

So, while he may not be able to score any baskets or goals, he is a pro at delivering some solid game day foods. Ramsay's expertise has been a slam dunk for many sports-themed events, from actually helping two NBA players duke it out while grilling a steak (via Sky Sports) to offering his famous chicken wings recipe for Super Bowl fans that were hosting watch parties for the big game. However, Ramsay's most recent sports-related recipe seems a bit out of left field even for him — he was seen on TikTok making a shake for the "Benny The Bull," the Chicago Bulls mascot. 

Cheers to a TikTok phenom

Ever the supportive sports fan, Gordon Ramsay noticed that the Chicago Bulls' mascot, "Benny the Bull," recently surpassed 5 million followers on his TikTok page and he had to help celebrate the mascot's big win by "cook[ing] up something special." Decked out in his finest red Bulls jersey, Ramsay is seen in this TikTok video sharing some filmed moments with Benny and the video includes some impressive shots of the mascot's feats on the court. 

Ramsay is seen preparing an "amazing shake" for the Chicago icon — and though he doesn't explain what's in the drink, he torches the top and adds some whipped cream and an Oreo cookie to make it look like a delicious treat. The whole thing plays out as the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" loops in the background. Though the video does not show Benny's reaction, he did leave a comment on Ramsay's TikTok post that said, "I want that shake! 😋 Thanks Gordon!!!" Now that Ramsay has a new restaurant in Chicago — called Gordon Ramsay Burger — chances are he'll probably be taking in some games in the future, too.