Martha Stewart Calls Her Peacocks 'Showoffs' After Rooftop Antics

It's no secret that the lifestyles of the rich and famous are more lavish than that of the average human. The stars themselves are aware of this, as well, and even though many of them often express gratitude for all that they have, they don't exactly shy away from showing off the perks of their fame on social media, either.

Take Martha Stewart, whose Instagram page is essentially one giant humblebrag filled with photos of elegant meals, envy-evoking celeb run-ins, and all the happenings on her 153-acre Bedford, New York farm (via Distractify). Now, we can't fault the homemaking queen for showing off her swoon-worthy life; in fact, many fans are probably happy she flexes so much on the web. Besides, if she didn't, followers wouldn't have gotten to see all the great snaps from her exciting Super Bowl weekend last week, which included Stewart's encounters with Drake, Tracy Morgan, and Guy Fieri that we're definitely not jealous of.

The 80-year-old's habit of flaunting seems to have rubbed off on a few of the other residents of her massive upstate abode, as well. Apparently, a couple of Stewart's 21 peafowls decided to demonstrate their athletic ability earlier this week by hopping onto the roof of her house. Naturally, the television personality snapped a few photos of the birds' impressive feat, which she decided to post on the 'gram – but not without calling the birds out for what they were in the caption of the upload. "Showoffs!!!!!!" she said.

Fans of Martha Stewart love when she shows off her peafowls

Martha Stewart's peafowls certainly seem to be enjoying their daytime liberation from their half-acre enclosure, which they were granted in November of last year. The majestic birds have ventured all over the cookbook author's farm. A peacock was even spotted taking a stroll alongside one of Stewart's cats. Fans have loved being witness to it all via the celebrity chef's Instagram posts, and the most recent update on her peafowl's whereabouts was just as well-received despite Stewart herself seeming to think their display was a bit show-offy.

"Omg! That's fantastic," read one comment on the post. "Only at Martha's house can this level of epicness by nature occur," quipped another fan, while a third user said that the site of the peafowl on Stewart's roof was "spectacular." Additionally, the three-snap upload has amassed more than 62,000 likes as of this writing.

As for how the colorful birds reached such a great height, user @rg_coastal theorized that there was "training and bribery involved to get them up there." While it's understandable why the Instagrammer may think that, it turns out that peacocks and peahens actually have the ability to jump 8 feet in the air with clipped wings (via the South Gloucestershire Council). Fans are probably anxious to see where Stewart's many peafowls end up next, and if history has any inclination to repeat itself, Stewart probably won't hesitate to show off their adventures on the 'gram.