Popeyes Just Gave Its Flounder Sandwich A Spicy Update

Mardi Gras is almost here, so can Lent be far behind? No, of course not, since the whole point and purpose of Mardi Gras is to mark one last day of indulgence — Fat Tuesday — before Ash Wednesday ushers in a season of privations. Whether or not Lent holds any particular religious significance for you, you'll nonetheless know it's here due to the plethora of fast food fish options on offer throughout its 40-day duration.

Popeyes, though it's now nationwide, has its roots in Louisiana, traditionally a heavily Catholic state, and also home to the nation's best-known Mardi Gras celebrations. While they offer fried shrimp on their everyday menu, their fish sandwiches are a seasonal thing – that season being Lent, of course. And yes, the fried flounder sandwich they introduced last year is coming back once more, only this time it's not the only pescatarian option for your meat-free Fridays (and other days of the week).

Popeye's fish sandwich still comes in the classic version, too

As per Popeye's menu, their flounder fish sandwich is back for the proverbial "limited time." While the duration is unspecified, we're speculating that they'll offer it up through Good Friday and most likely until supplies run out after that date, so this may vary from location to location. The big news this year is there are two versions, last year's Classic and a new Spicy version, which a press release says features "Cajun classic and spicy seasoning." Which yes, we'd pretty much guessed at from the name alone, not to mention Popeye's provenance.

Both sandwiches have the exact same calorie count, so it seems that the seasoning blend is the only real difference between the two. In fact, if you've tried Popeyes' regular and spicy chicken sandwiches, you can probably extrapolate the difference between these fish sandwiches for yourself. They are also priced the same –- approximately $4.49 if you order a la carte, although you can probably expect to pay more if you're living in a high-rent district (probably no discount for living in the boonies, though; isn't that always the case?). If you're a flounder fan, don't forget to join Popeye's Rewards, since ordering either fish sandwich will earn you 150 bonus points, which is the same amount you'd normally get for placing a $15.00 order. If you're signing up for the first time, you can also get a free side, small drink, or apple pie as well.